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Delights the little ones with the toys he sewed in his house

Serpil Çınardalı, who lives in Bornova district and gives music and painting education to children in a private education institution, makes colorful cloth toys during his days at home due to the corona virus epidemic. Using waste materials, Çınardalı takes animal molds from the fabrics and sews them in its machine. It creates the faces of each animal with dyes and colored threads.
The toys that go to the children in the village schools before the epidemic reach the houses this time because the schools switched to distance education. Acting together with the social media group called “Beauty Will Save the World”, Çınardalı attaches its toys to the families in need in many districts of Izmir. The children of the families who went to help live a great happiness thanks to these surprise toys sent to them. While food aid for families is going to their basic needs, children are provided with a variety of toys.

Çınardalı, who said that he supported the aid to schools before the Corona virus epidemic, said, “I thought that toy was also the basic need in everything that had children. My mother and my aunt were sewing toys in my family. I started doing it by learning from them. I make simple molds, choose things that can be done comfortably and sew 4-5 toys a day. I usually choose animal patterns to be a tutorial for children. Children like it too, everyone wants a teddy bear. We make it from waste materials. We use old shirts and sheets. We do not go and buy something, we are converting more. There is nothing more beautiful than a child’s smile. In general, we were going to places that were not accessible, but even though we could not go one to one, we somehow reach the children. Photographs are coming from their families. I am being so happy. After the Corona virus outbreak, our aid has changed direction. But when it comes to children, a toy pasta is as valuable as a tomato paste. ”


Emphasizing that children are very valuable for him because of his job, Çınardalı said, “An indescribable feeling. Children are also very valuable to me because of my job. Children take whatever you give. I think a child with whom I send a toy will come across somehow in the future. I also make cloth masks. I distribute it to all our neighborhoods and trades. In this process, everyone needs to protect himself. I also support by making a mask. ”

Çınardalı, who made a video conversation with Esma Boran (6), asked whether he liked the toys. Esma thanked her by saying that she liked it very much. DHA


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