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Dermaplaning application step by step! Dermaplaning application 2020 prices

We introduce you to the miraculous application that will set aside all the products you use at the same time, so that your skin is as smooth and soft as baby skin. Dermaplaning application, which is done without using chemicals in any way, has been among the most curious topics of recent times. So what is Dermaplaning application? How it is made? How much is the Dermaplaning application?

Dermaplaning is a care application that removes quince hairs while doing this, which allows cleaning the dead skin of the skin without using chemical products. Dermaplaning application, which allows the skin to shine while regaining dead skin in a short time, allows to reach the lower layers more easily by cleaning the upper surface of the skin. This application, which is also used to equalize the color of the skin in some people, easily peels off the exfoliated dead skin. Preventing skin abnormalities that may occur in the future, Dermaplaning has been a popular treatment method in order to provide a smooth skin surface before the invitations and make the appearance of the makeup flawless.

So how is this application done?

Dermaplaning is a skin shaving form that peels and scraps dead cells accumulated on the face with sharp surgical blades by a specialist. In addition to removing dead cells, it also softens the appearance of fine lines and scars. The face should be clean while applying, no cream or product should be used before, the skin should be dry and clean. It is definitely not a method that can be applied at home. And non-doctors should not. In Dermaplaning, laser-cut blades are used, not machines. Surgical blades should only be used by a physician. After the application, there will be a slight redness as if it was left in the sun, after a few days you can see the shining effect. It is recommended to have it done every 6 weeks.


Dermaplaning application 2019 prices vary depending on your condition, the area to be treated, the reason, the type of anesthesia to be chosen. You should see your doctor for dermaplaning prices.


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