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Dermovate cream benefits to the skin! How to use Dermovate cream? Dermovate cream price 2020

Dermovate cream, which doctors often prescribe, is a product that miraculously passes skin and skin itching, in particular. How to use Dermovate cream, which is one of the best eczema creams, what is it good for, what is its usage and side effects? To learn, you should definitely examine the details of our news.


Dermovate cream is a drug most often prescribed by specialists, used in the treatment of psoriasis and eczema. Dermavote, which is good for men who cannot cope with the conditions such as eczema, also removes itching and redness caused by eczema in a short time. However, it is a drug with side effects as well as being so effective. This cream, which is recommended to be used under the supervision of a doctor, is among the creams with cortisone. Dermovate cream, which contains 0. 05% clobetasol 17-propionate, has cortisone side effects as well.

Before using this cream, which is sold in types of 30 and 50 grams, you should read its side effects. According to researches, Dermovate cream, discoid lupus erythematosus (plaques seen on the face – a type of skin disease), benign skin disease that affects mucous membranes, psoriasis difficult-to-treat eczema. used to minimize the effects of inflammation.


You should not use this cream without consulting your specialist. Using cortisone creams for long periods of time can cause serious side effects.

– Make sure that the area you will apply the cream is clean and apply a thin layer. You can drive 1-2 times a day. You can rub it easily so that it can be absorbed.

– It is recommended by specialists to use it for 4 weeks to get full results from the treatment.

NOTE: If you do not use the cream for eczema problem in your hands, wash your hands in plenty of water after applying the cream. It should be applied only to the problem area. If you do not take effect from the cream in a short time, you can consult your doctor.


As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the cream is effective as well as its side effects. After you start using this cream, which has serious side effects, we share the effects that can be seen with you. You should definitely consult your doctor when you encounter these side effects, usually seen in people who are allergic to overdose or the substances contained in it.

– Skin thinning and hypersensitivity, however, skin rashes, swelling of the face, lips, tongue or larynx may be seen. Redness, burning, itching and increased weight in your area are among the side effects.

– One of the most severe side effects is that the vein in the area you are driving is prominent and blood vessels appear under the skin surface.

– Increased body hair, obesity, hair loss / growth, thinning hair,

– Weight gain / slow growth in children,

– Decrease of cortisol hormone in the blood,

– Increased blood sugar level and urine sugar,

– Blood pressure rise,

– Symptoms such as increased intraocular pressure (giokom) are among the side effects of Dermovate cream.


The price of Dermovate cream in 2020 is 19.33 TL.


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