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The description of The Sun SHOK Johnny Depp

In the slander case that Johnny Depp filed against the British newspaper The Sun for using the term ‘woman beat’, the newspaper’s lawyer used Johnny Depp’s statements as “a desperate addict who led to intense misogyny anger attacks.”

The famous actor Johnny Depp’s slander case against the British newspaper The Sun because he used the term ‘beating woman’ for him continues.

Lawyers of The Sun newspaper told the Supreme Court that the aggressive attacks of anger that Depp allegedly applied to ex-wife Heard were caused by “deep misogyny”.

After the allegations that Depp inflicted violence on his wife, he had taken many actions. Women who stated that especially the rich were always protected stated that they would file a criminal complaint against Depp.

Johnny Depp Violent Incident

Depp is the plaintiff against Dan Wootton, editor-in-chief of The News’s Newspapers (NGN), The Sun’s publisher, because of the 2018 news that describes him as “a man who beat his wife.”

Representing NGN in the final statements made while approaching the end of the slander case, Lawyer Sarah Wass, according to Independent’s report, described the actor as “a desperate addict” and said that the actor’s addiction, jealousy and anger made him dangerous for his partner.

Wass claimed that Depp, who did not attend the court on Monday, attacked his ex-wife Heard, the actor and model, and used a derogatory language for women.

“Depp tried to apply older fashion methods used to discredit women,” said the lawyer. “He (Heard) is a fortune hunter, a bitchy woman, and someone who committed adultery,” he said.

Depp denies 14 charges that Heard committed violence.

Depp’s lawyer, David Sherborne, is expected to present his last arguments. The decision is not expected to be made immediately.


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