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Details About Tenet, The Most Important Christopher Nolan Film In Its Recent Years

Christopher Nolan, in particular, The Mind Book of 2000 – Tenet, a film that the film industry has relied on since Memento, where all possibilities have been opened up.

A Timeline That Makes It Easier to Understand What Happened in Tenet Movie Released

Tenet, one of the most curious films of this year, who set up a marketing strategy based on a mission to save movie theaters that were in a difficult situation during the pandemic period, is the name of an organization where the main character played by John David Washington is appointed. Based on this, the film takes a closer look at an espionage story that focuses on a global threat to the world.

Christopher Nolan’s by far one of the biggest-budget film making, was released August 26 in many countries among which Turkey is located. While there were praises for the film, some described it as disappointing. Some critics even stated that Tenet is not a movie worth going to the movies despite the epidemic risk.

The reason the film gets such mixed reviews from viewers and critics is the way it handles time. One of the negative criticisms of the film is that the fact of bending time could not be explained to the audience satisfactorily. The story editing, which acts in the opposite direction of the linear flow of the film, the relationships between the characters and the fact that the dramatic structure cannot be fully grounded can drag the film to a complex point in the eyes of the audience. When the long action scenes are added to this, we question why we watched the movie at some point.

A table has been released showing the timeline of the movie Tenet by Christopher Nolan

Dunkirk, the work of the director before his new movie Tenet, which was given an unnecessary responsibility to save the movie theaters after the pandemic, has been the subject of the cinema numerous times. While dealing with one of the important turning points of the World War, he again bends time and tells the events in three different timelines.

Aside from the debate whether this choice contributes to the event, beyond being a toy that will “entertain” the audience. In the wake of Dunkirk, even Nolan’s fierce fans have spoken crack at the filmmaker’s approach to the script and the essence of the story being told.

Even Dunkirk, who I think was a serious failure personally and swimming in politically very cheap and calculating waters, was a great filmmaker and still shining brightly with signs of intelligence, especially when Nolan declared his limits to all those crack voices with Tenet, with the power he received from his adoption by American critics. falls to the point of proving that he can make a movie. And let’s say it from the beginning; The bottom of Tenet Nolan’s career.

TENET Audience View

As can be seen from this long introduction, Nolan is a director who likes to present his films with mysteries – or toys – that will unravel and be surprising by playing with the concept of time.

Tenet, starring John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki and Kenneth Branagh, is not exempt from this situation. Described as the “quantum Cold War movie”, Tenet’s name comes from Sator Square, the first film that was allegedly found in a house in Pompeii.

The words rotas, opera, tenet, arepo, sator are included in this square, which is a palindrome consisting of five Latin words (it means the same because it is read from all sides). “Tenet” is located right in the middle of this palindrome and means “belief”, “principle”, “principle” and researchers state that this mysterious phrase is an anagram of the “Pater Noster” prayer read in the Catholic faith.

It means “Our Father” in Latin. available.

Although the words are very difficult to translate literally, these words produce a meaning that indicates the continuity of the universe, such as “Farmer Arepo provides the rotation of the world”. In light of all this, Tenet, with its assertive structure claiming that the future and the present are in constant contact, wants to look at the functioning of the world through these channels from a lofty perspective and from a political perspective throughout the Cold War.

As if not enough, Nolan hides the squares that make up Sator Square within his narrative. The villain’s last name is Sator, the movie opens with a clash at an opera house, a character named Arepo stands at an important point in the course of the story, and the agent we chase after throughout the film has no name; He has been called “hero”, referring to the main character of the narratives since ancient Greece. Yes, welcome to Nolan’s toy store.

Tenet: Nolan's Power Poisoning

In Nolan Tenet, he again uses technical elements to the greatest possible extent, but he cannot do the job of surprising the audience, which is his biggest trick, and takes himself tremendously seriously and shouts at high pitch that the film is both scientifically and humanly profound. This is the biggest reason why Tenet is such a failure.

The fact that the fact of bending time, which is the locomotive of the narrative, cannot be explained satisfactorily, the thematic depth represented by this assertive phenomenon remains at the level of words and a few sentences, and this upheaval we follow is linked to a lofty discussion from an extremely superficial place over the fate-reality dilemma in the final; Tenet, whose dramatic structure is extremely weak, we don’t care about any of his characters at any point in the film, the Cold War subject is forgotten after the film’s starting point, a cardboard abuse with a heavy Russian accent acting with ridiculous motivation and a hero that we see pulling up on the deck of a ship in establishing shots. he causes Nolan’s toy store to collapse with a loud noise.

Tenet Review: Cinema's Golden Boy Invites You to the Quantum Cold War

Christopher Nolan previously filled movie theaters with movies like Batman movies, Inception, Dunkirk, Interstellar, Prestige, Insomnia, and Memento. If we look at these films and their content, the first thing that catches the eye is that the golden boy of cinema loves to play with time.

Whether or not Nolan focuses on this in every new film; He likes to approach time and its reality as his own personal toy and place them in the middle of what he describes, sometimes in astrophysical and sometimes neuroscientific studies. In doing so, he aims to be bigger and more impressive in every movie.

Christopher Nolan depicted the calm but terrifying emotions in a few football fields that exploded in one film, a lover wandering in the layers of dreams in another film, and the second world war in another film with all its darkness and tension in 3 different times, and he achieved them with an admirable visual skill. In his last film, Tenet, he continued his obsession with time and this time combined the issues of the third world war and the “reverse flow” in a kind of time.

Tenet as Time Travel Movie

First of all, I must say that, technically, Tenet is not a “time travel” movie. Because the characters do not move from place to place in time. The tenet is the story of an agent whose name and history we do not even know in the operations of organizations that we do not understand, feeding them one after another in an intertwined state. The ridiculous and unpleasant part of this story is the oblivion of the Cold War, which is the starting point of the film, the forgotten and cornering of the film, the heavy Russian accents acting with a ridiculous motivation (either mine or black earth) and a bad character without depth (as in every character of Nolan films) Focus on the struggle to prevent it from destruction.

All Actors List of TENET Movie:

  • Sator: Kenneth Branagh
  • Victor
    Martin donovan
  • Quinton Yuri Kolokolnikov
  • Rohan
    Anthony Molinari
  • Timmy
    Rich Ceraulo Ko
  • Toby
    Mark Krenik
  • Archibald
    Jonathan Camp
  • Max
    Laurie Shepherd
  • Liam
    Denzil smith
  • Wheeler
    Fiona Dourif
  • Stephen
    Andrew Howard
  • Sammy
    Wes chatham
  • Gaunt in Russian
    Marcel Sabat
  • Flight Attendant Mother
    Katie McCabe

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