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Did Rihanna Get Beaten?

Rihanna, displayed with bruises on her face, scared her fans!

The world famous singer Rihanna was spotted with bruises on the ring. A statement was made for Rihanna, who claimed that she was beaten. Her advisor responded to the allegations about Rihanna.

The world famous singer Rihanna scared her fans in her latest form. While the bruise on Rihanna’s face, which did not appear in the middle for fear of coronavirus, was a matter of curiosity, her supervisor said that the singer fell off the scooter a few days ago.

The questions on whether rihanna, which is on the agenda in social media, was beaten were shocked. The world star scared his followers and fans. Statements about his latest situation did not satisfy many people.

Rihanna, who made a name for herself with her songs and brand, came to the fore with the bruises on her face this time. Although the famous singer tried to cover the marks on his face, he did not go unnoticed by his fans. Rihanna’s mentor explained that the singer fell off the electric scooter and that is why the tracks were created.

Rihanna tried not to get attention!

Rihanna, who has postponed the new album for a while and focused on her own brand, took the title of “the richest female musician” in England, surprised with her latest form. Last night, Rihanna was caught in the lens of magazine reporters with her bruise on her face in the state of Santa Monica, USA. It was seen that Rihanna, who did not appear in the middle for fear of coronavirus, was wearing glasses to avoid attention. Rihanna’s consultant said in a statement on the subject that the singer fell off the electric scooter a few days ago and had a bruise on her face due to the blow she received. His counselor gave the guts, but many people still insist on allegations.

Rihanna did not make a statement about her bruises on her social media accounts.

The bruises on Rihanna's face scared her fans

The world-famous singer Rihanna scared her fans in her final form. The bruise on Rihanna’s face, which did not appear in the middle for fear of the pandemic, became a curiosity. Rihanna was screened in the US state of Santa Monica last night. The Barbadian singer caught the lens of tabloid reporters with his bruise on his face.


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