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Disgusting event in the famous fast food chain

Famous fast food chain signed the scandal

Turkey also branches in many countries and in a fast food chain taken from fried chicken in the UK went through disposable masks. After the disgusting incident, complaints started to come. Disgusting on food has become an agenda in social media.

The pollution caused by disposable masks, which became more common with the coronavirus epidemic, moved to a different dimension in England. Turkey also found a family going through a fast food chain’s fried chicken has ordered disposable masks for little girls with branches.

The company, which has food shops on fast food in the United States and many countries, maintains its post-scandalous silence. No statement has yet been made about the incident.


The family, who took the packaged products and went home, was surprised at what they faced during the dinner. Realizing that she was clogged and coughing while chewing her little daughter Maddie’s bite during the meal, the mother Laura Arber said, “I noticed that my daughter had difficulty in eating. “I saw a blue disposable mask in it.”


The mother, who went to the restaurant after the events, lived a shock there. The mother, who told her manager about their experiences and asked for an account, said, “This product was not cooked in our kitchen.”

"THERE WAS NO Apology"

Speaking to the local press, Arber said, “He did not even apologize and chicken pieces are still offered to people unaware of this incident. This may happen to them,” he said. After these words, people are almost complaining. Many people decided to protest the fast foot chain.


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