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Do it yourself: Plentiful foamy antibacterial and moisturizing soap


When you constantly wash your hands, you can cause dryness and cracking. These dryness and cracks can ironically make you more susceptible to microbes.

For this reason, while preferring antibacterial soaps, moisturizing feature should also be sought. If the moisturizing feature cannot be achieved in soap, additional moisturizers should be consulted.

Read on to learn how to make your own antibacterial foamy hand soap with coconut oil. . .

According to research, soap is more effective than alcohol-based hand disinfectants in removing some types of microbes.

The soap has two layers: one that draws in water and the other that draws into oil. Viruses, meanwhile, have an outer layer of protein and fat that surrounds them. When viruses come in contact with soap, oil coatings rupture and disappear in the process.

As long as it is frothy, it fights against viruses, without the need to add any antibacterial agents such as soap, alcohol, both homemade and bought in the store.

While some bad ingredients like Triclosan are banned from soaps purchased from the store, this still doesn’t mean that traditional antibacterial hand soap is not filled with chemicals that can affect your health.

Instead, you can make your own harmless soap made of natural ingredients at home. Here is the recipe. . .


3 tablespoons of castile soap, 2 teaspoons of fractionated coconut oil, 15 drops of clove essential oil, 10 drops of tea tree essential oil and 5 drops of each cinnamon, eucalyptus, peppermint essential oil.

Preparation of

Combine the ingredients in an empty soap dispenser, then slowly fill the dispenser with water. Screw on the pump and shake well to mix the composition.

You can also use jojoba, rosehip, sweet almond or other carrier oil that remains liquid at room temperature.


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