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Dominic West was caught cheating on his wife

Years ago, the words of married actress Dominic West, who was caught with his co-star, sparked controversy: Monogamy is against nature.

Dominic West was caught cheating on his wife. It turned out that the couple, who are married well, will soon have a problem between his wife.

Dominic West's words from years ago caused controversy:

The Roman getaway of Dominic West and Lily James, two British actors who played together in a three-part miniseries called A Purpose of Love, fell like a bomb on the tabloid agenda. The words “Monogamy is against nature” came to the fore again in an interview given by the 50-year-old actor years ago.

Announcing that she and Dominic West, who had been married for 10 years, had been separated from her lover a while ago, Lily James was seen intimately in Rome. After these photos were reflected in the press, the two actors were at the top of the agenda.

All eyes turned to Dominic West’s aristocratic wife, Catherine FitzGerald, the architect of the landscape. His close friends suggested that FitzGerald was destroyed. But the couple took a surprising step in the evening and went to the press together.

Dominic West and Catherine Fitzgerald explained that their marriage was strong and they were not thinking of separation. The couple, who also drowned each other in kisses, gave the message “we are not divorced” after this betrayal.

While Dominic West and Catherine FitzGerald’s future are a matter of debate, an interview West gave four years ago has surfaced again. In this interview, West voices his views on male-female relationships and marriage.

In this interview, West stated that “women should be understanding about relationships.” In the same interview, the actress also claimed that “monogamy is not very necessary and natural.”

“Everyone should be understanding of some of the behaviors of men in their 40s and 50s,” Dominic West said in the interview.

These words that the actor said in an interview he gave years ago caused great controversy in social media platforms. Many people called West “an insecure man with the intelligence of a 12-year-old boy” because of his ideas.

Lily James, with Dominic West seen in Italy, left Matt Smith, with whom she had been together for five years.


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