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Donald Trump announced! Antifa terrorist organization to be announced

US President Donald Trump has announced that they will declare the antifascist movement in the US as a “terrorist organization.” In the USA, the movement is called “Antifa”. Trump stated that military intervention against the activists could be harsh.

Donald Trump announces

Donald Trump said National Guards detained radical leftists and anarchists in Minneapolis, saying that states and cities under democrat control should also take this as an example.

According to the news in the BBC Turkish, it is not clear how Trump will declare Antifa a “terrorist organization”.

Antifa usually consists of leaderless networks without an order chain of command, where anarchists and communists meet temporarily.

Since there is no organization called Antifa to which people are members, it is not known how people who are involved in anti-fascist movements will be accused of terrorism.

Last year when two republican senators demanded that Antifa be declared a “terrorist organization”, the US Civil Freedom Association (ACLU) opposed this plan. The ACLU said it would mean a violation of freedom of expression.

The organization called Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which struggles against antisemitism, also pointed out that if Antifa is declared as a “terrorist organization”, there is a risk that anyone who opposes the superiority of whites is considered a terrorist.

Recalling that those who defend the superiority of whites have killed hundreds of people in the past decade, ADL said that even if they criticized the violent tactics of the anti-fascist movement that fought against them, they could not be evaluated on the same scale as those who defended the superiority of whites.

Donald Trump Receives Death Threat!

Anti-racist actions started to appear in many states within the United States. In addition to the demonstrations, theft and murder crimes continue to increase. People from the United States, who forgot the threat of coronavirus, now faced military intervention.

It turns out that President Donald Trump received death threats by many activists. Many people threaten it, especially on social media. According to another claim, the trump reportedly fled to the shelter. Although many people are right, protesters, especially theft and anarchist movements, will pose major problems.

Donald trump stated that military intervention against many activists threatening him would be harsh. For the first time in its history, the US military came to bring democracy to its own country. Blood and tears are starting to flow in the USA. It is clear that the USA can no longer be the strongest country in the world!


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