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Donald Trump caught Coronavirus disease. The prophecy in the TV series The Simpsons

Donald Trump caught Coronavirus disease! He brought to mind the prophecy in the Simpsons TV series

After US President Donald Trump announced that he was caught in the coronavirus, the prophecies of the Simpsons, which are known as the cartoon that knows the future, came to the fore again. In one episode of the series, Trump’s death was processed, and August 27, 2020 was marked as the date.

The announcement of US President Donald Trump’s coronavirus has brought to mind the death scene in The Simpsons, the longest running series in the USA, which predicts some real events.


In the previous episodes of the series, Trump’s death was processed, and August 27, 2020 was marked as the date. However, on August 27, 2020, marked as the date of death, Trump was nominated for the 59th presidential election to be held on November 3. It is not known whether this prophecy will come true, but Trump and his wife caught coronavirus brought the series to the top of the world agenda on social media.

It was also known beforehand that Trump would be elected president in the series.

Did The Simpsons Know the Beirut Incident?

The Simpsons series, which previously featured many important events such as coronavirus, Facetime, smartwatch, Greece’s debt default, crypto money and Dragon’s fiery attack in Game Of Thrones, was re-enacted after Donald Trump caught the coronavirus. It came up.

The Simpsons came to the fore after the Lebanon explosion. After the explosion in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, an old episode of The Simpsons was discussed on social media.


While smartphones have not been invented yet, the touchscreen phone is seen in the Lisa on Ice episode of The Simpsons, published in 1994. In the logo, there is an ‘apple’ shape of the apple company, which is taking today’s technology by storm.

The Simpsons Coronavirus Outbreak

The followers of the series think that the Simpsons also predicted the coronavirus 27 years ago, when he mentioned a virus that spread from Japan instead of Wuhan, China. In an episode of the series published in 1993, the virus called Osaka Flu that spread from Japan is mentioned.


On the other hand, after Trump and his wife caught the coronavirus, the White House statement said, “Both the President and the First Lady are in good shape right now, and they will both stay at home in the White House during the recovery process.”

Donald Trump The Simpsons death prophecy

Trump said in the previous day, “Hope was always wearing a mask, but the test was positive. I just had a test, Melania also had it. I don’t know if we got the virus. We will see what happens,” he said. It was reported that Hicks was on the same plane with Trump during Trump’s visit to Ohio for the presidential debate on Tuesday.

How do the Simpsons know the future? There are two answers to the question that the world is curious about

“How do The Simpsons know the future?” The answer was sought on Youtube channel Tekmoloji Film-Dizi. In the video, which pointed out that the team that wrote The Simpsons made accurate predictions about the course of the world because of their high equipment, another answer was shown as “Probability Theory”.
“How does he know the future?” The answer to the question was wondering. This issue was mentioned in a video published on Youtube channel Tekmoloji Film-Dizi. In the video where Willam Irwin, the author of The Simpsons and Philosophy, “The team that wrote The Simpsons is highly equipped. It is not difficult to predict some things about the course of the world”, the video showed another answer as “Probability Theory”.


One of the most surprising predictions of the series was Trump’s election as president. When Donald Trump was elected president in the 2016 election, many people, including himself, were surprised by this result.

But The Simpsons featured Trump as president in 2000, episode 6 of season 11. In the writers of the series, Al Jean is of the opinion that this prediction is not so surprising. Jean said, “People may have forgotten now, but Trump was saying that he would run for the presidency many years before the election.

We were media and were looking for a figure that could be funny. We chose Trump.” The same was true of Disney’s acquisition of Fox. In summary, The Simpsons have no way of knowing the future. But his few accurate predictions have revealed such a phenomenon. Now any scene from The Simpsons is seen as a prophecy by fans.


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