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Donald Trump Dictator?

The United States has turned to a place of fire. Curfews have been declared in many states. Especially after the opposition of different groups among the activists, it looks like a lot of opponents. Donald Trump is claimed to be a dictator.

Target Donald Trump Caused

Donald Trump has managed to take on many political events since the day he came. Especially the people who turned the middle east region into a fire place are now burning themselves in that fire. Especially many of the people who are known for their cruelty in the world are now facing their own problems. Donald Trump politically provided Jews with a lot of rent. So why did he do this?

For the first time in its history, it began to intervene in the military intervention in the USA. More black people were killed in President Obama’s period before Trump. So why is the target trump?

Donald trump, who started to be called a dictator, is a religious person by origin. It has very fascist thoughts, especially because of its German origin. However, while many Germans did not like Jews, Donald Trump made great promises to Jews. Especially after making Jerusalem the capital, many Muslims irritated their country.

Many dictators persecute people, but most of these dictators die badly. However, many countries classified as the US dictator are ruled by democracy rather than originals. No racism against black Muslims in Turkey!

Donald Trump Money Dictator

US President Donald Trump has shown great interest in the economy of his country since the day he arrived. The USA, one of the richest countries in the world, started to collapse economically. It is clear that the reason for this is Fiat coins! However, many companies in the USA started to shift their money to China. So why?

After Coronavirus, it is certain that the biggest superpower of the world will be in China. China is a rising star due to economic and cheap production. The USA, on the other hand, resisted not losing its place in China. However, many Jewish money began flowing into the Chinese country. Many private companies go to China for cheap production. On the other hand, the US is very hard to find where to find money to feed its people! Because this economic crisis started with the footsteps of 2001 Twin Towers. Later, the 2008 crisis and the collapse footsteps of the USA began to be heard around the world.

Although Donald Trump takes a fascist approach, he is one of the weakest of us presidents. Many offers, especially those offered by him, are rejected. Although the people of the USA see themselves in trump, this dream will take a lot of lives!

Freedom to blacks? Or Slavery?

In the new period, we have now started to hear sentences like “Controllable Man”. Many famous companies in particular argue that technology should be used to control people. The world health organization has offered a lot of people in Africa to try technological slavery to this vaccine because of coronavirus!

Whites Are Stupid While Criticizing Black!

There is no truth in the world, so racism is accepted. However, people have exploited many regions throughout history for their superiority. Blood and tears are the reality of human history. This fact will never change, even cheap figures like French ideologies make it easier to exploit humanity. Whites trying to make black slaves are actually their slaves today. They separate their pockets from their homes and families every day. The goal is not a black or white race. The goal is controllable people!


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