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Donald Trump Takes Hydroxychloroquine Against Coronavirus

US President Donald Trump, who is at the target of criticism arrows for his comments on the coronavirus, explained the method he used to protect from the epidemic. Trump said he took the hydroxychloroquine pill, which is used against malaria to protect against coronavirus.

“Here is my evidence. I am receiving many positive calls in this regard,” Trump said at a meeting with restaurant managers. Trump said he took the hydroxychloroquine pill every day for a week and a half, and that he had no symptoms of coronavirus. The coronavirus tests of employees close to the U.S. president, including the press secretary of Vice President Mike Pence, were positive.

Donald Trump suggests health professionals in the use of hydroxychloroquine

There is no evidence that taking hydroxychloroquine protects people against coronavirus or can prevent disease. Trump’s precaution is only a possibility, and some research groups are doing clinical trials to see if the drug can protect healthcare workers who are regularly exposed to the virus. However, these studies have not yielded any results yet.

“You are looking at doctors and nurses, many take this as a precaution,” Trump said, following the footsteps of healthcare workers who fought against the coronavirus. Although there are researches to use the drug as a preservative for healthcare professionals, it is not clear how many healthcare professionals take the drug. On the other hand, the side effects of hydroxychloroquine include eye damage, heart disease and muscle weakness.

Hydroxychrorocine has not been proven effective against coronavirus

The US president has been bringing hydroxychloroquine to the agenda for weeks, and it is reported that the Trump administration has forced the Food and Drug Administration and the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority to allow use of the drug outside the hospital, based on insufficient evidence. Preliminary data suggest that hydroxychloroquine may have positive effects in some patients, but it is not particularly effective in people with severe symptoms and may have dangerous side effects.

The number of people who lost their lives due to the coronavirus epidemic in the USA has exceeded 90 thousand. Donald Trump says he takes hydroxychloroquine, but the authorities don’t think his word or the White House is reliable sources of information.


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