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Don’t call me to my ex-girlfriend Bella Hadid from the Weeknd

Sending The Weeknd's Bella Hadid With Lyrics

The lyrics of The Weeknd’s new song brought to mind his ex-girlfriend Bella Hadid. Weeknd used the expressions “We don’t have a return, don’t call me again” in his new song.

Canadian singer The Weeknd and model Bella Hadid started having a love affair in 2015. The famous couple separated at the end of 2016 and made peace after 2.5 years.

The duo, which is often on the agenda with their turbulent partnership, was last seen together last year.

It was alleged that the two spoke video during the quarantine period and were trying to give love another chance.

The Weeknd announced to the world that he left this relationship behind with his new song called ‘Over Now’, which rose on the charts.

The song written by the Canadian singer herself contains the following words:

“We have no return / We cannot be the same / Done / Do not poke your mind with this love anymore.” The Canadian singer allegedly reproached her ex-girlfriend with lyrics. There are a lot of claims about this subject in social media.

Answers about Bella Hadid's ex-boyfriend The Weeknd

At the age of 24, Bella Hadid is one of the most talked about models of the catwalk world with her siblings Gigi and Kendall Jenner. Bella, who started her professional modeling career with IMG Models company in 2014, first appeared as a model in New York Fashion Week held in September 2014.

Bella Hadid tries to keep quiet about allegations about her ex-boyfriend. However, many of his fans on social media made claims about this. Bella Hadid, in particular, doesn’t want to have a relationship with an ugly guy again. It has been alleged that the Canadian singer began to look like an ugly personality according to Bella Hadid.

She appeared in the music video for The Weeknd’s song “In The Night”. This clip further increased his fame. It became the promotional face of many famous brands.

The model, who said “she is proud to be a Muslim,” participated in the London protests on 8 December 2017 against Trump’s decision to move the US Embassy to Israel and recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.


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