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Douglas Costa of Juventus shares his lip-on-lip pose with his girlfriend

Holidays in Turkey Juventus Douglas Costa who shared his lips to lips posing with her boyfriend. Famous football player spends his vacation with his girlfriend. He shared photos of his beautiful lover from his social media accounts.

Juventus Douglas Costa on Vacation With His Girlfriend

Italian giants Juventus midfielder Douglas Costa, spends his holidays in Turkey’s most important tourism centers in Cappadocia. Costa, who shared his Cappadocia vacation from his personal social media account, posed for lip and lips with his lover.

The Brazilian player of Juventus, Douglas Costa, came to the Cappadocia region with his model lover Nathalia Felix for the holiday with a private plane. The 29-year-old midfielder then joined the ATV tour with his lover in Cappadocia. Douglas Costa also took pictures with football fans who knew him in Cappadocia.


Costa, who presented the Cappadocia holiday to his followers on his personal social media account, also shared a lip-to-lip pose with his lover.

Juventus footballer Douglas Costa, who came to Cappadocia with her model lover Nathalia Felix, reacted to the sharing of a Twitter account with troll news.

Douglas Costa TROLLED

The words of a Twitter account made famous by his troll news, Costa’s words angered the experienced player.

Trollen unaware that the football player, “Turkey is really a fantastic country. Flying a balloon is a great feeling. Turkish citizens are very lucky in this respect because you can even ride balloons for a funny price of 200 dollars. I love Turkey. “He replied Twitter account claiming to be.

Costa said, “Are you kidding me? This is a damn joke !!! Good luck with your fake news !!! I never flew in the balloon. I would love to fly, but it’s closed until October.” he replied.


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