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Dutch Ellen Fokkema becomes the primary female footballer to play on the men’s team

Dutch Ellen Fokkema

There was a historical development in Dutch football, and 19-year-old female athlete Ellen Fokkema, who played in lower leagues, signed a contract with the team named Foarut. The young player made history because the first female footballer to play within the men’s team.

Playing within the lower leagues within the Netherlands, Foarut has signed a contract with 19-year-old female footballer Ellen Fokkema. Thus, Fokkema made history because the first female footballer to play within the men’s team. In his statement, Fokkema stated that he was pitying leaving the club he had been wearing for five years, but he was very happy when the permission was issued.

“WE WILL SEE what is going to HAPPEN”

Expressing his feelings after the contract, Fokkema said, “I am happy that I can still play in my team. I even have been wearing the shirt for five years. i used to be worried that i might need to quit. My teammates were also very happy after the choice . we’ll see what is going to happen”.


Art Langeler, the event director of the Dutch Football Federation, said that there’s a minimum of one demand per annum from female players to play in men’s teams. Langeler, “At least one demand during this direction per annum . Our federation represents diversity and equality because we believe that there should be an area for everybody in football, in any way,” he said.


Ellen Fokkema is that the first adult woman which will play during a men’s football competition within the Netherlands. Dutch football association KNVB and VV Foarut on Tuesday announced that they need agreed to offer the 19-year-old woman dispensation to play for the primary men’s team. With this experiment, the KNVB wants to guage whether there’s an honest basis for allowing women and men to play mixed football in category A, and to permanently amend the regulations.

Under KNVB regulations, boys and girls can play mixed football from the youngest teams to under 19, on the other hand women need to play within the B category with men or on a women’s team. Now Fokkema will play for VV Foarut’s varsity in category A.

Fokkema is delighted. “It is astounding that I can still play with this team,” she said. “I’ve been twiddling with these guys since i used to be five and that i was sorry that i would not be ready to play with them during a team next year. The KNVB always advised me to play with the boys for as long a possible, so why shouldn’t it’s possible? it’s quite challenge, but that only excites me more. I asked the club if something was possible and together we submitted the request to the KNVB.”

The rest of the primary team was also enthusiastic that Fokkema can continue twiddling with them, she said. “I dare not say how this may go, but i’m very happy anyway that I can participate during this experiment.”

According to Art Langeler, director of football development at the KNVB, the football association receives a minimum of one request per annum form an association asking that a lady can play football in their first men’s team. “In my opinion it’s strange that girls in the least levels can play mixed football, but as soon as boys move from under 10 to category A of men, they need to play football without the lady on their team,” he said. “The KNVB stands for diversity and equality and that we believe there should be room for everybody in every way in football.”


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