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Edin Dzeko, star footballer of Rome, caught coronavirus

Star striker Edin Dzeko tested positive for coronavirus in Rome

Italian Serie A team in Rome, star striker Edin Dzeko announced that the coronavirus test was positive. Bosnia and Herzegovina football player Edin Dzeko, who played in Rome, one of the Italian Serie A teams, announced that he was infected with the corona virus from his social media account. Star football player, “Hello everyone. Unfortunately, my Covid-19 test was positive. I have to comply with the quarantine process.” used the expressions.

Edin Dzeko, the Bosnia and Herzegovina footballer of Roma, one of the Italian First Football League (Serie A) teams, announced that he was caught in a new type of corona virus (Covid-19).

Dzeko shared his post on his social media account, “Hello everyone. Unfortunately, my Covid-19 test was positive too. I have to comply with the quarantine process.” used the expressions.

The 34-year-old striker, who stated that he did not want to cause concern to anyone who knew him, noted that he had no prominent symptoms.

Dzeko will not be able to play in the away game against Genoa of Roma, whose team captain he was on Sunday.

The Bosniak striker scored 3 goals in 5 league games in Rome this season. In Serie A, Juventus’s Portuguese striker Ronaldo also caught coronavirus.


The Dzeko message said, “I have to stay apart from teammates for a few days, but starting Sunday, my mind and heart will be with them. Come on guys.” completed with statements.


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