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Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel Turkish duel

'Turkey Duel' Between Two States

France came to France at the invitation of President Emmanuel Macron his joint press conference, German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the crisis in the eastern Mediterranean and Turkey was marked. Meeting, the crisis in the eastern Mediterranean while enjoying the different strategies followed by the differences of opinion surfaced between Merkel and Macron, Turkey said almost between the two leaders “the verbal duel” was transformed.

French President Macron hosted Germany’s leader Merkel at the summer Bregançon Castle. In addition to the issues the two leaders to combat the virus Corona Eastern Mediterranean and Turkey, Libya, Belarus, discussed major international issues such as the financial and Lebanon. After a two-hour private meeting, Macron and Merkel went in front of the cameras and held a joint press conference. Meeting with Turkey’s Merkel, who chose the path of dialogue and mediation against drilling in the eastern Mediterranean, a unilateral decision of sending military ships turned into a duel between Macro mutual promise.

“To lower the target blood pressure”

Speaking first, Macron began his statements with the words “world diplomacy is reshaping and we, as the EU, believe in multilateral diplomacy and work for the EU to create a power as a single voice”. “We decided to work together around a common agenda on the Eastern Mediterranean issue. Our goal is primarily the sovereign rights of the EU. Germany and France are very clearly volunteers to support Greece and Cyprus.” But at the same time, we are willing to maintain the stability of this region with all our strength, to ensure respect for international law and to reduce tensions. As a model, we have not always followed the same approach. But our common goal is to ensure stability and tension in the region.

Macron is being stupid!

Under the heading of security in the Mediterranean with Merkel, stating that the situation in Libya Macron talk, he wanted to punish the Turkey’s policy in Libya without a name. The French leader said, “It is important to comply with the embargo decision in Libya, which prohibits the support of foreign powers. Our priority is to provide a ceasefire and to work for the political solution of the Libyan problem. For this, the EU’s Irini operation should be strengthened, and the countries that break the embargo should be punished. We have to bring neighboring countries together, “he said.

Different approach from Merkel on Libya

Speaking after Macron, Merkel said that it was going through a very difficult period due to international disputes and the Corana virus epidemic, and said that the EU should make its voice as a European actor during this period and that it should act as a single voice. With Macron China, America, they talked for a long time the issue of Russia and Turkey transfer Merkel, “We have discussed quite the situation in Libya. There is a process in which the UN’s watch, but we must help the solution. Libya is not a country of third countries to find a solution to their own strategy. Their He gave the sign of the first difference of opinion with Macron, saying that he should find the solution.

The second and the main difference of opinion came in the Eastern Mediterranean statements. Merkel said that the tension in the Eastern Mediterranean has risen and must be reduced, “If France and Germany join forces, an interesting solution can be found. We cannot accept the attack on the sovereign rights of EU member states. But the solution should be found through dialogue and discussion, not military.”

"Our nature and character are different with Macron"

Merkel’s response to these words was harsh. against the Eastern Mediterranean crisis, Merkel saying that the monitoring of the different methods, “our nature and our character with Mr. Macron different. Therefore natural that we have to different responses. We can act together with our EU in the Eastern Mediterranean partners, or we can send our battle gear region. Germany as we Turkey “and we chose to re-engage in dialogue with Greece. We want a general project to be followed. It is difficult to know which strategy is better. So we need to continue working together.”

In the words of Merkel, Macron said, “In the face of a regional power crossing borders, there is no question of military power without diplomacy, without a red line. But military power also has a destructive effect without diplomatic path, because it increases the tension. It is necessary to keep both of them. this is it ”paid off.

Merkel and Macron: Belarus and the Navalny question

Macron also announced that they also addressed the protests that started after the dubious elections in Belarus and the events that took place as the government collapsed the actions. He said that they also met with the Russian leader Vladimir Putin and that Russia and the EU could “mediate” between the parties in Belarus. Putin also said that he was leaning towards this. Macron added that the EU must continue to support the Belarusian people, who protest the dubious elections. Merkel emphasized that they were looking for Putin together but that Belarus leader Alexander Lukashenko did not agree to talk to them.

To a question about the news of the hospitalization of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, Macron said, “We were very sad and concerned about the news about Navalny. “We will watch its course.” Merkel said, “I was very shocked when I heard the news. I was deeply saddened. France and Germany are ready to do all the help that falls on them. But we must know how it came to this point, how the poisoning happened. We will follow the investigation.”


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