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English player Georgia Harrison: Premier League footballer showed me her genitals

Georgia Harrison filed a restraining order for married Premier League footballer after b ** k pic scandal

Georgia Harrison, 25-year-old actress in the UK TV series “Island of Love,” confessed that a Premier League footballer who disturbed her on social media sent her a photo of her genitalia.

Georgia Harrison, a 25-year-old actress in the UK TV series “Island of Love,” said she had requested protection for a Premier League footballer who disturbed her on social media. “Last year I blocked her and thought she was completely over,” said the British press. He stopped trying to reach me when he shared it. But later he reached me via a fake account, a girl fan page. He started texting again. At first I did not understand who he was. But then he started to make the sentences he used before. I also realized who he was, but he said.

Georgia Harrison filed for a restraining order by a married Premier League footballer while continuing to text him a year after he blocked him.

The 25-year-old announced that the football player, whom he chose not to name last year, bombarded him with open messages last year and left no choice but to block his access to social media.


The famous actor stated that if the football player continues his messages, he will explain who he is to the press, “He sent me a photo of his genitals after a few weeks. I knew because he had sent it before. I called and made sure it was him. He wanted to talk to me. If he does not stop, I will tell the press who he is. He then sent a lot of sexual organ photos. I talked to my lawyer and he said that I can apply for a protection order. “


Stating that the football player is married and has children, Georgia Harrison said, “I can’t believe it because this man, who has a wife and children who will lose, is putting himself at risk. It makes me sick because the young children look at him as just a football player.”


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