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Excuse for violence to women: How do you throw bread to the birds!

Serpil Kurtay

The news we heard during the corona days confirm the words “the most dangerous place for women is the home” for women in the 2018 report of the United Nations Office for Drugs and Crime.

Family, Labor and Social Services Minister Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk said that violence against women has decreased by 22 percent compared to the first three months of the previous year, but the truth is not so. According to the on submitted data epidemics days before the Turkey Women’s Associations Federation, 80 percent physical violence, 93 percent psychological violence, shelter demand 78 percent, termination notices to 100 percent, while the legal support given non-violence cases increased by 96 percent. In the March report, We Will Stop Women’s Murders Platform announced that 29 women were murdered, 21 of which were between 11 and 31 March, when the outbreak began. According to the data of Istanbul Police Department, domestic violence in Istanbul increased by 38.2 percent in March.

The result of the research conducted by the Socio-Political Field Research Center with 1873 women living in 28 cities in the quarantine process.


Although relevant institutions cannot provide adequate support to women who are exposed to violence, some non-governmental organizations are working hard. Esenyalı Women’s Solidarity Association is one of them… While the settlement is not as intense today, Pendik’s Esenyalı district, which is known as “Çakal Deresi” or “Kurt Kiremit” because of wolves, has been experiencing intensive problems such as poverty, education, violence and drugs. a place. For this reason, the association, established in 2013 in the Esenyalı district, where the crime rate against women is also high, has been the cure for hundreds of women until today. The information we received from the president of the association, Adile Doğan, and the women through her, searches the neighborhood among the public. Doğan stated that there were very serious incidents in the association every three or four days. He states that they follow the police station, hospital or litigation processes, try to create public opinion, and organize activities that force local governments to resolve this if there are economic problems related to violence. Noting that they are still trying to interfere with cases via social media or phones, Doğan said: “When the schools were on holiday, women who had to take care of their children wanted primarily paid leave. But when employers did not accept their demands, women had to use their annual leaves or leave for unpaid leave. Again, many men were unemployed in this process. Since coffeehouses and taverns were closed, the time spent together under the same roof and violence increased. We encounter very serious cases. Five women who have been exposed to violence in one day reach us. ”


Here is one of those women… She was subjected to violence from her husband for “throwing bread crumbs on the birds”. Normally, he was subjected to violence from his wife, and even received a battering report several times and tried to divorce. But she had to return home every time with her husband’s blackmail and threats. When her husband did not go to work for the first time because of the epidemic of the corona virus, the violence he had experienced peaked. “In the morning I threw them a crumb so that the birds were not hungry”… Normally, it is not possible for such an innocent sentence to cause violence? But unfortunately, it has not been so. He took blows to his head, accompanied by insults such as “Are you stupid?”, “You are doing idiots.” Having reached the Esenyalı Women’s Solidarity Association with a message, the woman is rightfully rebelling: “We normally come home very late, we did not have time together. Now at home because of the corona. Everything I do is involved in my sitting, getting up. Nothing I can do, nowhere I can go! There is no cure other than suicide ”. Because of this rebellion and despairing message, the officials of the association contact the woman and try to be strong and encourage her. They also say that he can leave the house immediately if he wishes, but they cannot persuade.


Another application that came to the association on the same day… Her husband, who normally works during the day, spends evenings in taverns and coffee shops. After drinking alcohol and leaking home, the man started drinking at home after the corona epidemic and then battered the woman every time for reasons of water as you read above. Another despairing reproach: “The courthouses are closed, there is nowhere where I can complain and go. I’ve been to a shelter before. I will never go there in this process. I have three children. The two cannot enter the shelter with me because of their age. I can’t leave them and go anywhere. ” Although the association tries to make women feel that they are in solidarity with the violence, the result has not changed much. Therefore, she still remains in that violent environment.

The result of the research conducted by the Socio-Political Field Research Center with 1873 women living in 28 cities in the quarantine process.


One day the association’s phone rings. This time he is a tradesman looking. The voice across the phone says, “There’s a woman here. His mouth is in blood, ”he says. Association officials immediately go to the woman. They recommend that the woman be directed to the police station, receive a battering report and make a complaint. Let’s listen to this woman, too: “In the morning, she attacked me by saying,” Why are you making me wake up by making noise? ” Then he threw me into the street. He previously worked as a casual employee. But now there is no job, no money. How many days have we been at home. He was really depressed. I am beaten so that we cannot say “We are hungry.” ”

Another woman… What happened to her is not very different: “We were working in different factories. But we were both unemployed at the same time. It was a time when I was unemployed years ago. While talking about the homework issue of the children, I was beaten by the subject of “You will do it, I will do it”. ”


Women who have been able to divorce and live a life because they have experienced violence before are also struggling with poverty and hence hunger because they are not given enough state support in the place where they will rejoice that “we are saved”. The majority of women, who normally go to house cleaning and work as a casual employee in various workshops, are unemployed in this process. They have nothing to eat or drink in their homes.

A woman who was a victim of violence four months ago reached the association. Association officials were at the scene before the police and took the woman away from the man. The woman complained for the first time with the power she got from the association and started the divorce process by getting a battering report. Fortunately, although the process of lawsuits was interrupted in the corona days, a decision to remove him was issued. The woman had now separated their house and started to take a job and earn her own life. The custody of her two-year-old child was with the father on weekdays and on the weekend mother. The woman, who did not want to approach the man naturally, experienced an event every day that she would leave the child to her father. Because the man who wanted to use this situation said, “You will bring that child to my house.” The woman who called the “183-Social Support Line” was asked to call 155 and solve this job with the police. The woman went to the domestic violence chief and asked her to leave her child to her father, accompanied by a police officer. But he came across the police chief’s response, “My office hours are over!” He waited at that station for two hours without any precaution against corona. Finally, when they called the association, the officials of the association came to the police station. This time they asked, “When we go to quit the child, if this woman is killed, who is responsible,” they only received the answer “We have no authority”. In fact, other women who were there to save the lives of a violent woman became almost violent. As soon as the husband of the woman who came to the police station came in, saying, “I have an officer here, I want to meet him” was actually telling a lot of things…

President of Esenyalı Women’s Solidarity Association Adile Doğan


The head of the association, Adile Doğan, asks: “Why is there a separate unit in the police station? Isn’t there a new one to replace the overtime? Are women exposed to violence only during working hours? Day and night, women are subjected to violence, and the police never come where they are needed. We know this is very conscious and deliberate, but it has become more dangerous after this corona. The living conditions of four women are very bad in our neighborhood. We live with the worry that we will get bad news from someone. They were in the stage of divorce, they were going to separate their houses, but they remained in their homes. These women continue to be subjected to violence. We want the Istanbul Convention to be implemented, the protection measures to be increased, law enforcement agencies to act faster in this process, and the Ministry of Family and Social Policies to take the necessary measures. The places where women can go should be increased, shelters should be disinfected and necessary health equipment should be available. In this process, it is imperative that local governments act faster without social services adhering to bureaucracy. ”

Turkey is a news article we finish we read in recent days for us to see the truth: “Women’s organizations of women who closes the house on the epidemic process more have expressed many times it is at risk of violence, but nevertheless had to consider government requests for urgent action against violence. As the demands were not taken into account, one of the three shelters serving 70 women in Adana was closed. ”

You can contact the Esenyalı Women’s Solidarity Association on 0 536 569 06 01.


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