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Famous model Brenda Patea is pregnant from German tennis player Alexander Zverev

Famous model Brenda Patea announced that she was pregnant from German tennis player Alexander Zverev. Brenda Patea shared her social media accounts that she was pregnant with her tennis player husband.

Famous model Brenda Patea announced that he is pregnant from German tennis player Alexander Zverev

Model Brenda Patea, who announced with love she lived with survivor contestant Barış Murat Yağcı, said that she was pregnant with German tennis player Alexander Zverev, whom she left in August. Patea, however, stated that she would not share custody of her child with the 23-year-old tennis player.

Famous German tennis player Alexander Zverev, who succeeded in playing the semi-finals at the Australian Open in 2020 and the final at the US Open, is on the agenda this time with his private life. The former girlfriend of the famous tennis player, German model Brenda Patea, announced in an interview she gave recently that she was 20 weeks pregnant from the famous tennis player.

“I’m expecting a child from Alex,” said Patea, saying, “We don’t have any communication with Alex right now, and frankly, I don’t plan to share custody of my child with him. This is not the case for me. I have good opportunities to raise my child alone,” he said.


The famous model, stating that she did not get pregnant in a planned way, said, “But I will do everything to ensure that her grow up in a harmonious and proper environment. I have the chance to raise my child alone.”

Brenda Patea, who ended her 1-year relationship in August, said, “We had crises before and then ended our relationship with Alex. Because we have different views on life. Everyone who is with an athlete must submit to these situations.”

Brenda Patea Instagram Account

Brenda Patea frequently shares models of fashion designs on her Instagram account. The beautiful female model has agreements with many advertising companies. The beautiful model has been working as a model for many autumn fashion designs lately.

Brenda Patea Instagram has 275 thousand followers. In particular, he has more than 500 posts on his Instagram account. Patea is very happy to have a new marriage and a happy baby.


Brenda Patea was born on September 2, 1993 in Germany. Model and social media star known for being represented through Maze Management. With more than 275,000 Instagram followers, she shares a mix of lifestyle photos and commercial modeling content from attending different premieres and events. Brenda Patea’s average net worth varies between $ 120 – 450K annually. The young model increases her net worth with agreements with different advertising companies.

Brenda Patea has a lesser net worth than her husband. However, it seems that he will continue to rise rapidly in his profession.

Alexander zverev net worth 2020 - 2021

Alexander Zverev’s net worth of 19 million dollars isn’t very surprising if you take into account that he was positioned as the 4th tennis player in the world by the ATP ranking. Zverev managed to get into ATP’s top 30 at the age of 20, making him the youngest player on the top 30 list.

It is worth saying that neither Dominic nor Sascha starved for money. They would probably pay $ 3,000,000 out of their pocket to earn this slam. Dominic Thiem’s ​​net worth is estimated at $ 16 million and he has won $ 23,873,943 in prize money so far.

On the other side of the network, Sascha’s net worth is estimated at $ 17 million, and he earned $ 21,012,015 in prize money during his huge career.


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