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Famous model Melissa Satta explained her coronavirus disease

Melissa Satta, model wife of Kevin-Prince Boateng, who wore Beşiktaş jersey last year, announced that she was caught in the coronavirus. The beautiful model said that she could not get out of bed for a week due to the coronavirus and the process was like a nightmare. Melissa satta, a hot beauty model, talked about the difficulties she faced during the coronovirus.

Beautiful model in trouble with coronavirus

Speaking to the Italian Corriere della Sera, Satta explained in detail how the virus affected him. Stating that both he and his son Maddox are now in good shape, Satta said, “However, I still have to admit that the virus is a serious problem.”

Even if you are 34 years old like me, there is no guarantee that you will encounter the coronavirus like a normal flu. Unfortunately, it was not like that for me. ”After the coronavirus, Melissa had to take a break from her relationship with her husband. Especially the couple who had sex 10 times a day last year had to get away from someone.

The successful model, who said that she was very surprised by the infectious effect of the virus, said, “This situation was incredible to me.”

Melissa Satta: I stayed in bed for a week

“Because I am a person who works very intensely every morning and I am constantly full of energy, but last Monday night my temperature has reached 39.”

“I was feeling so tired that I didn’t get out of bed for a week to avoid the risk of fainting. Then my chest had a burning and coughing. It was not a simple effect, as many people say,” he said.

Satta, who shared a post on his social media account last night, gave good news to his fans and announced that his last tests with his son Maddox turned negative.

The beautiful model, who does not neglect to warn her followers, said “Be careful because we do not know how it can affect our body”.


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