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Fear engulfed the USA! Great Disaster Is Coming

For the first time in history, Marco and Laura Scare the USA

While the corona virus epidemic continues in the USA, now the storm concern has started. For the first time in history, two different tropical storms, called Marco and Laura, are heading towards the Gulf of Mexico at the same time.

With the start of the storm season, the storm concern started in the American continent after the corona virus.

In a statement made by the US National Storm Center, it was stated that for the first time in the history of the USA, 2 tropical storms that occurred at the same time were moving towards the Gulf of Mexico. While the center named the storms Marco and Laura, it raised Marco’s level to the hurricane.

The Storm Center announced that they expect hurricanes to take effect in the region between the states of Louisiana and Texas on 25-26 August. The center ordered the evacuation of Orleans, Lafourche, Jefferson and Plaquemines, stating that the weather will deteriorate on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico from early tomorrow morning.

Louisiana and Mississippi River

It was recorded that Marco was advancing north at a speed of 20 kilometers per hour from 635 kilometers south of the Mississippi River. Authorities warned that waters could rise up to 2 meters for Louisiana and the coastal parts of the Mississippi River.

A state of emergency was declared in Florida.

A state of emergency was declared in Florida, where Laura was expected to hit. A mandatory evacuation order has been issued for those living on boats, caravans or campsites. Tourists were advised to change their plans. Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards, who declared a state of emergency last Friday, said in a statement that he asked President Donald Trump to declare a federal emergency. “The impact these storms will have on Louisiana will be much more effective and lasting than a single storm would normally,” Edwards said.

In a statement made by the US government, energy companies cut production at the offshore crude oil production refineries in the Gulf of Mexico by 57.6 percent, cutting 1.07 million barrels per day due to Hurricane Marco and the storm Laura.

In a statement made by the Federal Bureau of Security and Environmental Sanctions (BSEE), it was announced that 44.6 percent of natural gas production in the Gulf of Mexico was also closed. BSEE also announced the evacuation of production platforms at 114 of 643 manned platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.

Damaging the infrastructure of Hispaniola island in the Caribbean, Laura toppled trees in Puerto Rico yesterday, causing power cuts in more than 200,000 homes and businesses. Today, Laura caused winds blowing 75 kilometers per hour in Port au Prince, the capital city of Haiti, while evacuations began in the Dominican Republic. Laura is expected to hit Cuba tomorrow.


On the other hand, according to records kept since the 1900s, it is the first time that two storms will be effective in the Gulf of Mexico. Evaluating the possibility of the combination of two storms, scientists stated that this will be observed for the first time. Scientists stated that if the two storms get closer, the weather event known as the “Fujiwhara” effect and defined as the orbit of each other may occur. Scientists also claimed that if one storm is stronger than another, the stronger one will swallow the other, while the Storm Center announced that the two storms are not expected to interfere.


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