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Feared Scenario: India becomes a coronavirus prisoner

Its country, which has one of the most populated populations in the world, has been taken over by the coronavirus. The coronavirus outbreak cannot be stopped within the country.

Indian Coronavirus Measures continue until May 31

The curfew announced in India as part of combating the corona virus outbreak has been extended until May 31.

In India, which has a hard time with the corona virus epidemic, the measures taken against the epidemic have been extended. In a statement made by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of India, it was announced that the curfew imposed throughout the country has been extended for another 2 weeks and will be implemented until May 31. Officials stated that the central government wants to relax some measures after May 31. The central government is expected to launch public transport and reopen restaurants and shopping malls starting May 31.

On the other hand, while curfew has been imposed in India since March 24, the total number of corona virus cases has reached 92,239 and loss of life to 2,911.

Indian people have become one of the countries where the coronavirus epidemic has spread the most. India, which is competing with China especially in terms of population, is expected to have very scary scenarios.

Many Indian from the elite are angry at the British

Looking at the history, the British, who had a very bad reputation, started to react. India, especially in the British colony, is left alone.

Britain, which has colonized India’s underground riches and people in the dusty pages of history, is now voiced by the Indian elites, who should pay these peoples.

Many indigenous citizens are waiting for help from the British who exploited them. However, the UK displays negligent attitudes towards helping a country other than its own.

Muslim Turkey sent aid packages to India. The Turks, especially known for their mercy in the world, opened their hands again in the name of the world and humanity without separating people.

The danger of famine after the Indian Coronavirus outbreak

After the coronavirus epidemic of India, their heads are endangered by starvation. He is very scared after the situation in many Indian countries.

As India struggles with the current situation, Buddhist monks receive help from Muslims. Indian Buddhists, formerly called bad guys, are filling their bellies with the help of Muslims.


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