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First Covid-19 case history in the US may be earlier

According to a report from the local newspaper Seattle Times, retired nurse Jean, who lives in Snohomish county near the Kirkland area of ​​Seattle, where the first Covid-19 cases were detected in the US, was sick, such as dry cough, body aches and shortness of breath. He had a test in April, remembering that he showed symptoms.

The 64-year-old nurse with the antibody seen in those who survived Covid-19 in her body said, “I did not even know what Covid-19 was when I got sick. I suspected that my disease symptoms in December were tested. My doctor was convinced that the timeline related to the epidemic was wrong after examining my blood sample. . ” said.

Snohomish Health Department spokesman, Heather Thomas, also stated that there was a second case in December with antibodies in his body, and that these cases were not included in the reports as Covid-19.

These results reinforced the possibility that the first case in the U.S. appeared earlier, contrary to what is known.

Similarly, the first related death from Covid-19 in the United States was said to occur on February 26 in Washington state, but Covid-19 in April’s autopsy reports of two people who died on February 6 in Santa Clara, California. It was determined that he died from.


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