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From China to the USA: Stop accusing someone

Ministry Spokesperson Cao Licien, at his regular press conference in the capital Beijing, said that Trump, by his statements to WHO, “defamed the public, China’s efforts to combat the new type of corona virus (Covid-19) epidemic, and the United States’ argued that he was trying to cover up his inability to combat the outbreak.

“We advise some American politicians to stop blaming and avoiding responsibility, strengthen cooperation with the international community, and overcome the epidemic,” Cao said.

Reminding that the rates and standards related to WHO’s membership payments are determined by the joint decision of the member states, Cao said that it is not the USA that said the last word on this matter.

Cao said “This is a wrong account, a wrong target” by arguing that the USA is trying to escape from its obligations to international organizations by putting China forward.


US President Trump shared a letter he sent yesterday to WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on his Twitter account, and addressed Ghebreyesus in the letter:

“The only way for WHO is to show that it is indeed independent of China. My management has already started discussions with you on what kind of reform should be done with you. But it needs to be taken quickly. There is no time to waste. WHO’s next 30 It is my duty as the President of the United States to inform that we will permanently freeze the funds we provide and review our membership to WHO if it does not make substantial reforms during the day. ”

On April 14, Trump accused WHO of failure to combat the outbreak and to stay close to China, and announced that they suspended financial support to the organization.


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