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George Best’s ex-wife told: He tried twice to go to rehabilitation, but he cheated on me with women in the clinic

Angie Best talked about the effects of the famous British footballer George Best on alcoholism and depression problems himself and his sons Calum. Speaking to the Daily Mail, the 67-year-old model had been married to Manchester United player Best for 6 years.

Expressing that he did not know what difficulty he had when he met George, Angie Best said, “It was impossible not to love him, everyone loved it. He was a sweet and loving man, ”he said and said:

“He tried twice to go to rehabilitation. But it was completely useless. Even with women at the clinic, he had no other consequence than he cheated on me. I didn’t want to give up George. I said there must be a way to fix this. But we couldn’t find a solution. Now I realize that George didn’t want to get better. ”

Angie Best, who wants to check out George Best’s famous parties, has always been unsuccessful, according to the Foreign News.

“Being married to an alcoholic turns someone into a very ugly, bad person. When I drank, I would lift his tongue and check that he had taken the medicine that allowed him to vomit, but he hid the medicine behind his lip with his female. I would find the drugs in your pockets. For one thing the situation got so bad that I put sleeping pills on her tea and slept for 24 hours. I was so scared that I did not do it again. I would say don’t let your friends drink it, but they didn’t care. ”

‘He disappeared 3 weeks after birth’

Stating that their son Calum was born in the third year of their marriage, Best stated that George Best disappeared for 2 weeks after 3 weeks of birth. The couple started to live separately 1 year after this event. While Angie remained in the USA, Calum traveled regularly to England to see her father.

Claiming that Goerge Best left 11-year-old Calum in the hotel room and went to drink, Angie said, “Calum would come back with very bad stories. I couldn’t help it. Getting angry wouldn’t solve the problem. George was a man who could not see being a father beyond his nose, but I never prevented Calum from seeing him. A child needs both mother and father. ”

“I’m having the relationship I want right now. Mark does not drink and is very healthy. There is nothing I regret. My son is very good and my life is great. It is a shame George was unable to see them, but that was his choice, “said Angie Best, who has been living outside London for 22 years with former hockey player Mark Miller.

The famous football player George Best is remembered with the words “I quit women and alcohol in 1969. It was the worst 20 minutes of my life”.


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