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Grammy-nominated singer Troy Sneed lost to corona virus (celebrities who died from Corona virus)

Troy Sneed

Grammy candidate gospel (spiritual music) singer Troy Sneed died at the age of 52 due to the corona virus. Sneed, who was nominated for Grammy with his album Higher in 1999, passed away in the hospital where he was treated in Florida. Sneed starred in the 1996 film The Preacher’s Wife, starring Whitney Houston and Denzel Washington.


Fred the Godson

Rap singer Fred the Godson, whose real name is Frederick Thomas, died at the age of 35 due to the corona virus. The American singer announced that he was diagnosed with Covid-19 on April 7 and shared his breathing apparatus photo on social media and said, “Pray to me.”

Released in 2011 with the album Armageddon, the rap player was best known for his Payback album.


Matthew Seligman

British bass player and musician Matthew Seligman, who worked with David Bowie for many years, died from Covid-19. St. in London Matthew Seligman, who was treated at George’s University Hospital, was 64 years old. Seligman, who had a heavy stroke, was connected to the breathing apparatus.


Lee Konitz

Famous saxophone artist Lee Konitz succumbed to the corona virus and died at the age of 92. US artist Lenny Tristano worked with giant names of jazz such as Gerry Mulligan, Gil Evans, Miles Davis, Tyree Glenn, Stan Kenton.


Luis Sepulveda

One of the biggest names in Latin American literature, who was hospitalized with the diagnosis of corona virus at the end of February, Chilean writer Luis Sepulveda (70) lost his life struggle.

According to the news of Observador; Luis Sepulveda, an important representative of the magical realism movement, was diagnosed with the corona virus after a festival in Portugal. All participants in the festival were then quarantined. Born in the village of Ovalle in Chile in 1949, the Chilean writer witnessed many periods in the second half of the 20th century, including the Vietnam War, the Pinochet dictatorship.


Tim Brooke Taylor

British comedian Tim Brooke Taylor died at the age of 79 due to corona virus.


John Prine

American folk music artist John Prine, who won the Grammy award twice, died at the age of 73 because of the corona virus. Her husband, Fiona Prine, confirmed the death news of Prine, who was treated in intensive care at Vanderbilt University Hospital in Nashville, USA. The famous singer has made known songs such as Hello in There, Paradise, Sam Stone and Angel from Montgomery.


Jay Benedict

American actor Jay Benedict, who has appeared in The Dark Knight Rises and Alien 2 films and is known for his role as Major John Kieffer in England’s Foyle’s War, died due to the corona virus.

TCG Artist Management said in his statement, “We are very sorry to announce that our beloved customer, Jay Benedict, who has succumbed to his war with COVID-19, has died. We are sending his condolences to his family.”


Lee Fierro

Lee Fierro, one of the stars of the Jaws movie, died at the age of 91 because of the corona virus. Fierro, who plays the role of Mrs. Kintner in the film, was undergoing Covid-19 treatment at a hospital in Ohio.

Fierro also starred in the 1975 Jaws movie and 1987 sequel Jaws: The Revenge.


Bucky Pizzarelli

Bucky Pizzarelli, one of the legendary names of jazz music, died at the age of 94 due to the corona virus.

Bucky Pizzarelli announced the sad news about his son John Pizzarelli. John Pizzarelli announced that his father passed away from the corona virus at his home in New Jersey.


Adam Schlesinger

The name behind Tom Hanks’ movie That Thing You Do, which was released in 1996, the famous songwriter Adam Schlesinger died at the age of 52 due to complications caused by the corona virus.

Adam Schlesinger, co-founder of Ivy, Tinted Windows, Fever High and Fountains bands; Emmy and Grammy winner was an important musician nominated for an Oscar, Tony and Golden Globe Awards.

After Schlesinger’s death, Tom Hanks would be “Neither Playtone nor” That Thing You Do without him. Unfortunately, we lost it from Covid 19. “I’m so sorry”.

Chris Carrabba from the Dashboard Confessional group said, “I can’t find the right words. Adam Schlesinger was a good mentor and friend. We should take Covid 19 seriously. He makes people sick and kills. It’s hard to stay locked in, but it saves lives. Watch out for each other. “Rest in peace, my dear friend.”


Emmanuel N’Djoke Dibango

World-famous Cameroonian jazzman Emmanuel N’Djoke Dibango died a week after the detection of a new type of corona virus.

Dibango’s Facebook account said that the 86-year-old artist has lost his life due to the corona virus. Saxophone artist Dibango contributed to the promotion of music unique to Africa and Cameroon.


Terrence McNally

Terrence McNally, who won the Tony Awards, one of the most respected awards in the theater field, four times, passed away due to the symptoms caused by the corona virus. It was also stated that the 81-year-old author who previously defeated lung cancer struggled with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Terrence McNally, Love! Valor! Compassion! (1995), Master Class (1996), Kiss of the Spider Woman (1993) and Ragtime (1998) won the Tony Award.


Andrew Jack

Andrew Jack, a Star Wars movie actor and accent coach, died at the age of 76 from the corona virus.

It was stated that the English player, who had previously tested positive for the corona virus test, could not be recovered due to the aggravation of his condition and other symptoms. Andrew Jack’s wife, who gave life to the Major Caluan Ematt character in Star Wars, was in quarantine in Australia, so he could not stand with Jack in the last moments. His wife wrote on Twitter, “We lost a man today. Andrew Jack was diagnosed with corona virus two days ago.”

The actor was coaching star actress Robert Pattinson for the latest Batman movie. He also served in films such as Sherlock Holmes, The Lord of the Rings, Captain America, and Black Dressed Men.


Mark Blum

American actor Mark Blum, who is known for his roles in the movies Desperately Seeking Susan and Crocodile Dundee and has been a guest actor in many famous series, passed away due to the corona virus that affected the world. Mark Blum was the second loss of Blum New York theaters to the corona virus. 81-year-old Tony Award-winning playwright Terrence Phillips had died recently.


Joe Diffie

The legendary name of country music, Joe Diffie corona, died from the virus. Grammy-winning singer was 61 years old.

After Diffie’s death spokesperson, “Grammy-winning country music legend Joe Diffie died on Sunday (29 March) due to corona virus complications. Her family is waiting for their privacy to be respected at this time. ”

The famous singer announced on Friday, March 27 that he was diagnosed with corona virus, “I am under the care of experts and I am currently receiving treatment. My family and I now expect our privacy to be respected. I want to remind the society and all of my fans to be vigilant, cautious and careful during this epidemic. ”

Joe Diffie’s best-known compositions, which have produced more than 20 country hits so far, were Home, If the Devil Danced (In Empty Pockets), Third Rock From the Sun, Pickup Man and Bigger Than the Beatles.


Vittorio Gregotti

Italian architect Vittorio Gregotti, one of the planners of the Barcelona Olympic Stadium, died at the age of 92 in Milan due to the corona virus.

Gregotti was the name who designed important structures such as the Marassi Stadium used in the 1990 Italy World Cup and the Arcimboldi Opera in Milan. He also played an important role in creating the conceptual infrastructure of the Venice Architecture Biennial with his theories.


Eddie Large

Known for her comedy show Little and Large, which she brought to life with Syd Little during the 70s and 80s, British actress Eddie Large passed away after corona virus complications. The family of Eddie Large, who died at the age of 78, confirmed the bitter news via Facebook. His family wrote the message “Our father fought heroically for a long time.” According to information from his family, Edide Large could not be visited in the hospital because the disease was contagious. He talked to his family and relatives over the phone.


Simura Ken

Japanese comedian Simura Ken was another famous name who died of corona virus. According to the Kyodo agency’s report, 70-year-old Shimura, described as “Robin Williams of Japan”, was taken to a hospital in Tokyo on 20 March with the diagnosis of high fever and severe pneumonia. It was stated that Şimura was connected to the respirator one day later, he was not conscious again and that the Covid-19 test was positive on March 23. The famous comedian corona virus lost its struggle.


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