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Great Change Voices in the USA

The emerging police violence videos in the USA show that discussions on the subject will continue for a long time. While the future of the police in the country is being discussed, the liquidation of the police force is on the agenda in Minneapolis, where George Floyd died.

Change in the USA is on the way ...

While the demonstrations, which were organized due to the death of the black American George Floyd as a result of police violence, continued worldwide, the blood pressure dropped significantly. The protests in Washington DC, which turned into violent acts, especially on Sunday and Monday, have been calmer for the last 3 days as a result of the increase of security forces. In New York, though, there is a conflict between protesters and police who do not comply with the curfew, the actions are calmer. However, the emergence of videos recorded during the actions and images of new police violence showed that this debate would take longer in the country.

Finally, the images shot in Buffalo, New York state, fell like a bomb. The officers in question were exposed after the appearance of images showing that the police pushed a 75-year-old man in Buffalo. The cops just push the man in front of them and cause his head to hit the ground. The images show that the old man lost consciousness and had blood on his head. In the first statement made by the Buffalo Police, it was stated that the old man was “stuck” and caused great anger especially in social media.

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown, on the other hand, said he was “deeply sad” and uncomfortable with the video. Brown stated that an investigation was launched into the police officers, but did not reveal the identity of the officers. Brown added that the old man was being treated at the hospital and that his condition was serious but stable.

Another video in New York shows a person who has been severely detained, although he says he is in charge of the curfew.

All these events have led to the discussion of the future of the police in the country. Even the liquidation of Minneapolis’s police department, where George Floyd was killed, was brought up by the city council. “We will liquidate the Minneapolis Police Department and replace it with a new transformative model of public safety,” said Lisa Bender, chairman of the Minneapolis City Council. The President of the Council stated that within the framework of this new model, social workers or healthcare personnel can intervene in the events that were formerly under the jurisdiction of the police.

‘Black Life Matters’ square in Washington

Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser, the capital of the USA, printed the slogan of “Black Lives Matter” in the middle of the 16th street, which became the center of the protests for black George George Floyd, who went to the White House and died with police violence. In addition, Bowser changed the name of a square outside the White House to “Black Life Matters Square”. Near the square in question, President Donald Trump posed with the Bible in his hands. It was noteworthy that there was the John Episcopal Church.

Merkel: We have racism too

German Chancellor Angela Merkel stated that racism is not only a problem for the USA but also Germany. Merkel, who is a guest of the German state television ZDF, also mentioned the protests that continued after the death of George Floyd in the USA as a result of police violence and said, “It is a bad thing to kill Floyd. Racism is a very bad thing. US society has become very polarized. ” Merkel, wishing that racism should not be ignored in her country, said, “Racism has always existed from past to present. Unfortunately, there is also in Germany. That’s why we must first sweep the front of our own house. ” Merkel also said that he will not be a definite candidate for prime ministry.

“Humanitarian exchanges” between the USA and Iran have been interpreted as a softening between the two countries. A former US soldier detained in Iran and an Iranian scientist detained in the USA were released simultaneously the previous day. In his message shared on his Twitter account, Trump thanked Iran and stated that it was seen that an agreement between the two countries was possible. In his next message, Trump suggested a new agreement to Iran, saying, “Don’t wait for the US elections to make a big deal. I will win. You can make a better deal right now. ”

Iran and the USA

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Cevad Zarif yesterday called for a return to a nuclear deal, following Trump’s “new agreement” proposal. Zarif said, “When we took office, we already had an agreement. Iran and other parties to the deal never left the table. It’s up to you to decide when you want to fix this situation. ”

Iranian scientist Sirus Asgari, who was caught in coronavirus while he was detained in the USA and then released, returned to his country on June 3. Then the former sailor soldier Michael White, who remained in prison in 683 days in Iran, was released the day before. With the release of White, it was announced that the Iranian scientist Mecid Tahiri, who had been detained in the USA for 16 months, was also released.


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