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Great movement in crypto money markets

Volume in cryptocurrency markets exceeds $ 370 billion

The total market volume in cryptocurrency markets, which fell as low as $ 345.51 billion on Wednesday, was pulled to $ 373.45 billion after hitting $ 375.98 billion early Monday.

As of 2009, with the announcement of the name of the crypto money in the world, it is a candidate to become the money of the new period. Virtual currency is now called the money of the new era for many countries.

The total market volume in cryptocurrency markets, which fell as low as $ 345.51 billion on Wednesday, was pulled to $ 373.45 billion after hitting $ 375.98 billion early Monday.

While the value of 29 of the 100 units with the highest market volume of the cryptocurrency markets fell in the last 24 hours of trading, 6 units of those that fell were among the top 10.

The 24-hour trading volume in the crypto money markets, after exceeding $ 120 billion last week to $ 123.05 billion on Friday, fell below $ 100 billion at the beginning of the new week to $ 95.14 billion.

Bitcoin, the highest volume unit of the cryptocurrency markets, fell 0.68 percent in the last 24 hours to $ 11,824.47, while the market volume increased to $ 218.31 billion. The market volume of Bitcoin, which saw $ 12,015.56 last Monday, reached $ 221.76 billion.
Bitcoin made up 58.4 percent of the total market volume in 26,388 markets, where a total of 6,479 cryptocurrencies were traded.

Changes in the top 10 cryptocurrencies:

1.Bitcoin fell 0.68 percent to $ 11,824.47,
2. Ethereum, down 1.05 percent to $ 424.05,
3.XRP down 0.03 percent to $ 0.30,
4.Tether $ 1.00, up 0.08 percent,
5.Chainlink, up 0.66 percent to $ 19.19,
6.Bitcoin Cash, down 1.05 percent to $ 305.09,
7.Litecoin is up 2.67 percent to $ 63.15
8.Bitcoin SV is down 2.19 percent to $ 219.08,
9.Cardano, down 0.05 percent to $ 0.13,
10.EOS was trading at $ 3.81, up 1.26 percent.
Lael Brainard, Board Member of the Federal Reserve (Fed), announced that they are conducting research and trial studies on a digital currency for research purposes. Speaking at an event organized by the San Francisco Fed, Brainard said, “The Fed is actively researching and testing the potential use of accounting technologies and digital currencies.”
Underlining that innovative technologies are sought to offer the digital equivalent of cash in these studies, Brainard emphasized that these studies focus on the opportunities and challenges posed by digital currencies in the context of “complementary cash and other payment options”.
Brainard added that alongside the Fed’s own research, research teams from the Boston Fed and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) participated in “several years of work to create and conduct tests of hypothetical digital currency intended for central bank use.”


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