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Great shock to Trump! Anonymous shares documents of “abuse to child” disgrace

World-renowned hacker group Anonymous announced today that it will take part in public protests that began after George Floyd’s death, and leaked new images of Floyd’s death.

World Famous Hacker Group Threatens US

According to the report of JurnalTR, after this statement, Trump and Epstein together leaked official documents regarding the case in which a 13-year-old boy made a claim against his virginity and was tried for child abuse.

American banker and businessman Jeffrey Epstein was arrested on July 6, 2019, and sent to prison on charges of abuse, harassment and prostitution in Florida and New York.

She suspiciously ended her life at the age of 66 by hanging herself in the single-person cell she stayed on August 10, 2019.

There are statements about Trump and Epstein being charged with child abuse in these documents.

The famous hacker group Anonymous joined the protests in the USA with a video saying, “These police officers should be tried with murder. We do not believe that your corrupt institutions will provide justice. That’s why we will disclose many crimes you committed. ”

Anonymous Makes Disclosure Shares!

Anonymous’s statement is as follows: “When the police kill one person, they should be held responsible like all the other. Otherwise, they believe that they have a license they can do whatever they want.

You may argue that this is only a few rotten apples, but what will you say about the police who have sworn to protect the citizens, the police who stop and watch while all this is happening, and the police agencies that refuse to investigate these criminals? People are tired of the corruption and violence of this organization that has sworn to protect themselves!

After the events over the past few years, many began to understand that the police are not here to protect us. More precisely, they are here to suppress us and fulfill the will of the ruling class. You are here to keep the people in control, not to keep the people under control. In fact, they became an important mechanism of the global system used by the elites to suppress!

And eventually the world started to wake up. As they see that blood is shed for no reason and there is no sanction, they are increasingly getting angry. These cops must face criminal sanctions. And especially police Chauvin should be tried for murder. Unfortunately, we do not trust that your rotten organization will deliver justice. For this reason, we will disclose your crimes to the world. We are “Legion”. Wait for us! ”


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