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Describing how the comparisons made her feel, Hailey Baldwin took care not to mention the name of Gomez.

The question is, “How do you manage to be a couple, while everyone sees the right to comment on their relationship?” was. Justin Bieber responded to this question by returning to Hailey as “oh this is a full year question”.

Hailey: “Let me start by saying that there is a lot to say about this question, about this topic. It’s definitely not easy. Justin knows, I was very, very, very hard at first. What people say about our relationship and when people are constantly making comparisons, my pride was so hurt as a woman. Ever It wasn’t easy, especially when people have really passionate fans and want to insist on their ideas … Also, when people have a lot to say about something, they have the courage to say something to make someone feel bad or even say something they wouldn’t normally say to anyone. The reason for this is that they are going through a period of time and they try to feel better by reflecting this to a famous person, but this does not make it easier for me to experience it, ‘this person makes me feel like this because It helps me remind myself that it is going through a bad period forward, and I talked a lot about it and how I feel about it. . . In the end, people will say whatever they want, no matter what. . . People think they know what happened in Justin’s life, the relationship between us and how we made our marriage decision, but they can’t know it. In fact, they produce details that are not truthful, they believe to be real, and I finally say, ‘Why am I paid for explaining the truth of an event that doesn’t concern anyone?’ I started to think. . . There’s a lot of things happening behind closed doors that people don’t know. ”

Last April, Baldwin shared a photo with Bieber and wrote “my only lover”. In the comments part of the photo, people; Like everything, this photo also imitates Selena, Selena and Justin have the same photo, How much more will this woman drop herself, trying to resemble Selena because maybe she just loves her like that, hurtful things like he wrote.

“We will not waste time explaining something to stop your delusional fantasies, we have better things to do, we’re grown-ups. I won’t let the obsessed strangers talk to me about my own husband, if you want to talk about someone’s husband, get yourself one.” . Goodnight!!” He answered in the form.

In his Facebook video, Baldwin also described how he lived his life as a pre-pandemic celebrity. The beautiful model, which belongs to the Baldwin family of many actors, said that she had a “quite normal” life in her childhood. However, things started to change when he started working with other famous people and spending time. She says she has reached a whole new level after marrying Bieber.

“I always felt that I was still able to protect my privacy and be normal among all these things. But when we got married, I lost all of them. I had never lived in Los Angeles before and suddenly we started spending a lot of time in Los Angeles. I think a balance should be established. I think it is not healthy to not want to leave the house and over-isolate yourself because people will chase you outside with the camera. But at the same time, you can understand that this is very difficult for me. “


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