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Horrible confession statement from Paris Hilton

Confession from Paris Hilton, who stayed at boarding school years ago: I was physically abused

The famous American model Paris Hilton told a documentary that she was physically abused by staff at the boarding school she stayed in as a teenager.

A confession came from the world-renowned model Paris Hilton. Making statements for a documentary, the mannequin made terrible confessions.

Paris Hilton, the famous US model and heir to Hilton hotels, announced that she was physically and mentally abused at the boarding school she enrolled in Utah during her adolescence. In his statements in the documentary ‘This is Paris’, Hilton said,’ I kept the truth for too long. But I am proud of the strong woman I have transformed into. People may think that everything in my life is easy for me, but I want to show the world who I really am. ‘


Hilton described her bad days at school with the following sentences: “I was having a panic attack and crying every day. I was very unhappy. I felt like a prisoner and hated life. I really did not have the opportunity to talk to my family. We were isolated from the outside world and I got into so much trouble when I tried to tell my family what happened. I was afraid to say it again. They picked up the phone or tear up the letters I wrote, saying, ‘Nobody will believe you.’ I knew it would be worse than anywhere else. “


It was supposed to be a school, but the lessons were not at all the focus. From the moment I woke up to the moment I went to sleep, they were shouting at me, scolding me and torturing me all day. The employees there said terrible things. They made me feel bad all the time and were bullying me. I think their purpose was to destroy us spiritually. They were physically abusing, shooting and suffocating. Children were instilled in fear so that we might be afraid of disobeying. “

Famous model Paris Hilton said she was physically abused by the staff at the boarding school she stayed in as a teenager. Hilton says ‘I felt like a prisoner’


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