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Hotels in Mardin are counting days for the opening of domestic tourism

Mardin travel agencies, hotels and the city trades, Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri began to count the days to the start of the domestic tourism after completing the preparations of Ersoy said.

In Mardin, the city where history lives, silence prevailed due to the corona virus epidemic disease in March, April and May, which hosted intense guests. Historical and natural places such as the historical Great Mosque, Kasımiye Madrasa, Deyrul Zafaran Monastery and Dara Ancient City, which were frequented by the visitors, remained empty for a long time. Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy lack something wrong concerning the normalization process for domestic tourism in Turkey in case of trades in Mardin on the express will start as Deadline May 28, agencies and hotel operators, began to count the days for visitors coming to the city.

We want to open the tourism season by adhering to the rules

This year, due to the continuity of tourism movements due to the corona virus within the framework of measures, tradesmen, hotels and travel agencies in Mardin completed their preparations to cover all hygiene rules. Mehmet Hamdi Turgut, owner of Hamd Tourism Travel Agency, who stated that they will voluntarily participate in the audit and hygiene activities to be carried out, upon the announcement that Cult and Tourism Minister Ersoy may start domestic tourism, and in June, foreign tourism, mask and social distance He said that they wanted to open the tourism season by adhering to the rules. Turgut said, “Of course we are aware of this, as we add something to the next year every year. We would like to present and introduce our historical guests, who are uncovered in the settlements in Mardin, Midyat and the surrounding districts, but are unknown, little known. ”

We will continue where we left off in June

Murat Marev, Director of Büyük Mardin Hotel, said that they have been implementing measures and measures in their hotels related to corona virus since the first day. Sarava, “We are trying to use public space as much as we can. We are working to make people live healthier as much as we can to leave a distance between the tables and leave a space. We have solutions for organizations, whether in elevators, in public areas and in public meals, in open buffets. We produced a solution for everything. We will do whatever it takes as much as we can. There are cultural tours we work with, we are in dialogue with them. Businesses that make cultural tours want the restriction to disappear as soon as possible. They will make their tours according to the demands of the people, what does it require to show the process, what to do and we don’t know what will happen? Currently, we fully ready, we have no dismissal our staff, we reserve the permission respectively. We will continue from where we left all our staff here called by June, “he said.

Jeweler Züheyr Özberk said, “Here we practice filigree art. We expect our guests with the hope that we made with pearl jewelry. We will see good days with good luck. We will present our filigree and hand-crafted art to incoming tourists. ”


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