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How are shirts combined? 2020 shirt models

Shirts, which are among the trending models of the spring season with their color and pattern varieties, stand out with the right combination. So how can the shirts be combined correctly? How are 2020 shirt models? Here are all the things to know about spring shirt fashion.

Shirt models appear as pieces that can be worn easily in every season. It is important to apply the right combination for the shirt that reflects the spring style with its floral pattern models. In this way, you will bring your style to the fore better. So how can you achieve this? In this content, we included both the tips that should be taken into account when combining shirts, and the most stylish shirt models and prices of the season.


As with every piece, it is the “dress by body type” rule which is important in shirt models. The most suitable combination piece for shirts; loose-fitting pants, midi skirts and skinny jeans.

The most important thing in shirt combination is to avoid color complexity. By using colors that are compatible with each other, this kind of complexity can be avoided.

When choosing colors, 4 shades should be determined. These 4 tons are; It should be used for shirts, bottom parts, shoes and finally bags.

If the shirt is mobile and patterned, the trousers and skirt used should be straight. If the shirts are straight, trousers and skirts should be mobile. Thus, the pattern is freed from the design complexity.


ZARA: 150 TL – 200 TL



BLUE: 112 TL – Y-LONDON: 60 TL

COTTON: 63 TL – 80 TL


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