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How did the ‘kneeling action’, which became the symbol of the protests in the USA, come about?

The act of kneeling on one knee, which has become a symbol of protests in the United States (USA) upon the killing of George Floyd by the police, contains a historical reference to racism and discrimination against blacks.

George Floyd symbol action

The murder of black George Floyd as a result of police violence led to protests across the country in the USA. Demonstrators and even some police officers kneel down on their knees and react to black US pressure and racism.

Police officer Derek Chauvin, who caused Floyd’s death, had been detained in Floyd’s neck, causing him to breathe by pressing his knee.

So when did the “kneeling” action begin against police violence and discrimination against black people, and from which event did it take its source?

Colin Kaepernick’s symbolic protest
this method of protest was born about 4 years ago on American football fields. Colin Kaepernick, the star footballer of the San Francisco 49ers team, did not look at the US flag in his homage by doing what other teammates did while playing the American national anthem before the match against San Diego Chargers in 2016.

Colin Kaepernick, along with his teammate Eric Reid, collapsed on one drama while everyone was in a state of respect, protesting police violence against US blacks.

This move of Kaepernick and Reid is thought to refer to the tradition of kneeling at the coffins of US soldiers who died in the US military war.

The two players later said that this move, which they repeat many times, aims to give a peaceful message against the practices against black people in the country.

However, some circles in the US accused footballers of disrespect for the US flag.

“After this move, two athletes were accused of being a traitor to the public,” says researcher Nicolas Martin-Breteau, who spoke to France-Info.

US split in two by 'kneeling' action

Kaepernick sought a new club after his contract with the San Francisco 49ers ended in 2017, but his efforts were not met. Speaking to CNN, the national American football league spokesman of the time, Joe Lockhart, said most clubs thought signing a contract with Kaepernick would upset their business.

On the other hand, there was a group in the country that supported athletes who reacted to pressures against blacks. Speaking to this audience, the majority of the Democrats, former US President Barack Obama said that the athletes wanted to convey a message using their constitutional rights and raised the real problems to be discussed.

In the same days, support for Kaepernick’s protest grew in stats. In 2016, world champion footballer Megan Rapinoe became the first white athlete to collapse on a single drama during the national anthem.

Today, US President Donald Trump, who was running her campaign at that time, stood against the protests with a harsh language and addressed Colin Kaepernick, saying, “This is a terrible thing. Maybe she should find a more suitable country for her.”

'Black Lives Matter' action action claimed

Trump’s comments have so far brought a collective quality to the individual repeated kneeling action.

A few days after Trump’s reaction, businessman Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys football team, was on the field with his footballers.

Nike next year named Kaepernick as the star of the new advertising campaign.

While the number of black victims of police violence increased, the “Black Lives Matter” movement claimed the act of kneeling on one knee.

He launched two alternative slogans with Trump and his supporters: “White Lives Matter” (“The Life of the White Is Important” and “Blue Lives Matter”) The last one referred to the life of the police.


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