How should women daily sports exercises be?

The question of what should be the most suitable for women all day long was answered. Experts announced the results of the research. During the day, it became clear what women should pay attention to.

Women's All Day Sports Exercises And Nutrition

Contrary to what is known according to the research, it is a suitable hour for breakfast rather than sports. At 09.00 the body is strong and fit for exercise. The best time for sports is 16.00.

The organism awakens with the secretion of 06.00 Cortisone. This body for waking up sign prepare himself slowly. Metabolism is moving, energy and protein are ready for service of the day.

07.00 The body is still weak. Avoid doing sports. You load the heart and circulation unnecessarily. Have breakfast instead of sports, digestion works perfectly at this hour.

08.00 is the highest Libido hour. Too much hormone is secreted. The situation is the same for smokers. The breakfast cigarette narrows the veins more than ever before.

09.00 The hour when the body is vigorous and strong. If you are going to be a needle for any disease, this is the right time. The side effects of the needle, such as fever and swelling, are rarely seen, the body becomes more resistant to X-rays. Life Fitness Academy Specialist Özgür Güngör states that if time is created, the sport to be performed during these hours is a time zone that will yield high efficiency without tiring the heart.

10.00 It is time for the organism to recover and say ‘I am here’. Too energetic, the body is at the highest temperature. So is our efficiency. ‘Short memory’ is in good condition. An important detail: Infarction events are common between 10.00 and 12.00.

Lunch Time Sport

11.00 It is a program that the body is in full form, programmed to be productive. The heart and circulation are so vital that during the examinations, a defect in the heart may be overlooked. It makes a ready-to-answer ceiling, especially computational work, math homework is solved easily and well, without difficulty.

12.00 Rest time. Attention is decreasing and people are sleeping. The amount of acid in the stomach increases and the blood flow in the brain decreases. Because the blood is used by the stomach to support the digestive organs. According to statistics, infarction is less than 30% in people who can sleep at lunch.

13.00 The body falls out of form. Productivity is down 20% below the average of the day. All organs work at the lowest level, only bile digests lunch.

14.00 We’ll be exhausted. Because blood pressure and hormone levels decrease. The best appointment time for those who are afraid of the dentist. Because at this hour the pain is felt less. Local anesthesia continues for a long time (30 min.).

Towards evening

15.00 Energy is coming back, memory is in full form. The second period of efficiency begins, but less than in the morning.

16.00 The best time for sports. Blood pressure and circulation are in a very good condition. Life Fitness Academy Specialist Özgür Güngör states that these hours are the ideal period that does not strain the body, especially for those who do heavy training.

17.00 The activity of the organs goes up. Strength is increasing, oxygen is being consumed, kidneys and bladder are working hard. When the nails and hair grow quickly. The amount of acid in the stomach is increasing. There is an increased risk of stomach bleeding towards 17.00.

18.00 The ideal time for dinner. The pancreas is particularly active at this hour.

19.00 Blood pressure and pulse become lazy. Therefore, attention to drugs that lower blood pressure can be dangerous. The effect of antidepressants is more at this hour.

20.00 Fat level in the liver is falling and dirty blood flows more into the heart than ever before. Those with allergies and asthma should take their medication at this hour. The effect is immediately visible. Even if antibiotics are taken in small doses, their effects are at the highest level.

No Food to Eat

21.00 The daily task of the digestive organs ends. Everything that comes in the stomach remains undigested until morning, and this is very dangerous. The remaining dishes attack the mucosa in the intestinal tract.

22.00 White blood cells, the police of the body, are activated. Smokers beware! After this hour, the body removes poisons such as nicotine very hard.

23.00 The organism stops the secretion of the stress hormone, which is active throughout the day. We calm down and relax. According to experts, it is okay to exercise late at night, but if you are lying down, you have to complete your exercises 3 hours before.


  • 24.00 While sleeping, the skin cells work non-stop and divide more frequently than during the day. The first dream phase, we start dreaming in half an hour.
  • 01.00 Efficiency is at the lowest level. Employees at this hour can make mistakes, attention is reduced, because the body programs itself to sleep.
  • 02.00 Car drivers attention: Vision is weak, reactions slow down, accidents happen a lot at this hour.
  • 03.00 It’s the darkest phase of body and soul. The secretion of the hormone melatonin makes it lazy and unstable. The number of suicides increases.
  • 04.00 We are getting energy from the stress hormone. Infarction crises occur between 04.00 and 06.00; because blood pressure rises and veins are stretched. These watches are also the most likely to give birth.
  • 05.00 Stress hormone activates us and increases 6 times its day value. Our body is moving, the lost energy is coming back. Come, a new day begins.

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