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How should women with hourglass body type wear?

To create a better look, the body type must be known. The style created depending on the body type makes the person look cooler and more stylish than it is. So how can you dress according to your body type? In our content, we included the dressing style suitable for the hourglass body type. Here is the right way of dressing for women with hourglass body type.

In the invitations you attend, you should dress according to your body type as well as the clothes you choose to look stylish. Because dressing for your body type is also important for looking stylish. Everyone has their own body type and a style that they need to prepare accordingly. There are five types of body types. These are respectively; hourglass is pear, rectangle, inverted triangle and apple. In this content for you, we have included the correct dressing styles suitable for the sand type body type. Here’s all you need to know about hourglass body type:


The important thing in the hourglass body type is to emphasize the waist area. High-waisted trousers, skirts and shorts always suit women with this body type. However, the v-neck and rounded pieces also look quite stylish. These pieces also help you to emphasize your waist.

Layered fabric and ruffled models prevent the waist from being accentuated. On the contrary, it creates a heavier and disproportionate appearance in the person. For this reason, flat parts should be preferred.

V-neck pieces emphasize the lumbar region, but if you are a person with large breasts, you should stay away from them. Because this time, attention will shift from the lumbar region to the upper region.

The ideal accessory for people with hourglass body type is the belt. Belts allow the emphasis to be placed directly on the waist. If you do not prefer belts in the trousers, you can choose the belt detail in the clothes.

Body measurements of hourglass body type are; 90-60-90, 108-66-108 and 86-56-86.

Chest and hip measurements should always be equal in this body type. And finally, the bra you are going to wear needs to fit snugly on the chest.


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