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How to Get Free Bitcoin?

What Are Free Bitcoin Options?

It is possible to obtain Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for free. Although these methods will not make you rich in Bitcoin, these methods are a way of investing where what you invested is your time or knowledge rather than your money, rather than risking your money.

The new term crypto currency “Bitcoin” has managed to become the most profitable investment tool of recent times. Although it is a virtual currency, it has now managed to gain people’s trust. Especially although the real money of the world is Gold, Bitcoin is known as the gold of the virtual world.

Competitions and Sweepstakes
There are many pages that organize gifts or contests where the final prizes are BTC or other cryptocurrencies. This application is widely used to increase user loyalty, attract new users and encourage the use of cryptocurrencies. Getting BTC for free with this method usually takes very little effort.

Faucet on

There are several ways to get Bitcoin without a deposit. The most common of these ways are faucets, but there are also lesser known methods that could benefit us well.

Bitcoin faucets are pages that issue BTC or other cryptocurrencies in exchange for performing simple tasks such as watching videos, visiting websites, solving captchas. You will get a certain amount of Satoshi for each of these actions.

To attract Satoshi from faucets to another wallet, we only need to accumulate the minimum amount required by the website. For example, if a website gives you 50 Satoshi for every ad you watch and as a prerequisite it runs your collecting 1000 Satoshi to withdraw your savings, we’ll need to see 20 ads before you can get your BTC for free.

You have to be careful when using faucets, because most of the time such platforms can stop being profitable and take your Satoshi with them, which takes a lot of time to get shut down from one day to the next. To avoid this, once you reach the minimum withdrawal amount, you should send your Satoshi to a wallet over which you have full control.


One of the best known faucets is FreeBitcoin. Once registered, the process you need to do is very simple: it will be enough to unscrew one capcha every hour and click the ROLL button. Pressing this button will give you a number and you will receive a Satoshi reward in the amount dependent on that number. You can press the button every 60 minutes.

The platform also offers you the opportunity to be a reference to others and get Satoshi through these people, and you will be rewarded every time someone you start using the platform hits the ROLL. Another of its most well-known features is the “Multiply BTC” option, where you can bet on the Satoshi obtained and multiply them or lose them.

You can earn free bitcoins with the “” website, which has an average assurance about trustworthiness.

BTC Clicks

Another senior page in the industry is BTC Clicks. This page offers Satoshi rewards for watching ads. The platform offers a number of daily web pages to visit and Satoshi is received as a reward. This website has an affiliate option and a referral system that can be charged from 40 to 80% commission.

You can own virtual money with another free Bitcoin site ““.

What Do Free Bitcoin Giving Pages Do?

Many people wonder how it is possible for these pages to issue Bitcoins, because we all know that no one gives anything in vain, that’s exactly what makes us not trust this kind of platform.

In fact, these pages are also businesses, and watching the ads you earn Bitcoins in return also benefits the people who operate the site. The difference is that these pages allocate some of the money they receive for advertising to reward users who use their platform. Therefore, they make money and their users get free Bitcoins, which is theoretically an endless earning cycle if done correctly.

Working as a Freelancer

There are several pages where you can do business in exchange for BTC, such as XbtcFreelancer, Cryptogrind or Coinality.

The process to earn free BTC on these platforms is as follows:

After signing up, the platform will start looking for offers that match the skills you have.
Suppose there is an offer that involves designing a banner for a website, this offer will explain the details to get the job done and the price range they are willing to pay for it.
Candidates will explain their ability to do the job, the price they will agree to do, and whether they have a portfolio or website where they can showcase similar work they have done before.
The bidder will select the candidate he likes best and contact him to discuss the job and payment terms.

Selling on Bitcoin

Technically, this doesn’t count as free BTC because this method involves swapping an object to earn cryptocurrency, but when it comes to earning BTC without investing, selling with BTC is a pretty viable option. Through your social networks, you can promote products you want to sell and request Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies in return.

Free bitcoin with Referrals System

Propositions are people who register on a website at the invitation of another user of that platform, for example: After registering with Freebitcoin, we can access a link to reference it via the user profile. Every person registered through this link will be considered a reference and will earn a commission for the person who invites them to the page.

As a reward, users who invite members can earn percentage-based Satoshi earnings bonus, increase in mine speed, points that can be exchanged on the platform, and even receive commissions from every exchange transaction made by the invited person on exchanges with an invitation system. Having a good source of active platform users can bring good gains.

What Can Be Done With Bitcoins?

Retention: This is a very common option among people who invest in Bitcoin. The strategy of saving them hoping that the price of cryptocurrencies will increase and a greater benefit in the future is called holding.

The theory that BTC can reach a value of $ 1 million is widely heard, and following this idea, if you buy and hold BTC for free today, equivalent to the value of $ 1, your wealth will be worth about $ 147 if BTC reaches that $ 1 million. You may assume.

Barter: If you want to take a more risky approach, you can invest the Satoshi obtained in an exchange and start trading. This option is more risky, but has the highest potential for return.

Cloud Mining: This option is the least recommended option because to get good performance you need to make a big investment and do a long research on which currency is more profitable for you. But on the other hand, if you are consistent, you can also make a good profit in the long run.

Eobot is a well-known cloud mining page that allows us to change the currency you want to mine with with just one click. Also on this page you have the faucet option where you are given a small amount of the currency you are mining each day. Eobot has been in operation since 2013, which creates a firm confidence in its safety and continuity.

Tips on Getting Free Bitcoin:

When you get BTC from such platforms, you should be careful because it is possible to lose BTC even though the BTC you receive is free.

  • You can investigate whether the platform you will use advertises itself by paying users who give their opinions on the forums.
  • Learning about platforms that buy good reviews for money is an effective way to avoid fraud.
    Platforms that have provided these services for years are more reliable than platforms that have just started to offer them.
  • Many of these websites offer free BTC as well as the option to invest in other types of services.
  • At this point, you should pay special attention and make sure that the page is 100% reliable. If you have even the slightest doubt, it is a wiser option not to invest.
  • You should use different passwords for your sessions on such platforms, as many of them are waiting for you to register with your regular username and password, with the site claiming to offer free Bitcoin.
  • If you use your regular (or even common) login information, fraudulent sites can track your accounts with this data, and steal your wealth from other platforms where you use the same session information.

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