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How to take a screenshot of Samsung Galaxy A9?

On some Samsung devices, taking screenshots is not so easy compared to Google Pixel and OnePlus devices. The problem of taking a screenshot of Samsung A9 is the difficulty of pressing the key combinations required to take a screenshot. Most users complain that they cannot adjust the timing during this key combination. So, is this option Samsung Galaxy A9 screenshot taking the only option available on 2018 devices? No. There are many other alternatives for this process, and there are also some third-party applications for this process.

The Samsung A9 also has some Palm gestures that make it easy for us to take screenshots. Below, we describe all the methods already available and the third-party apps tested to do the Samsung A9 display settings and Galaxy A9 screenshot. If you are wondering about the Samsung A9 screen video and how to take a Samsung A9 screenshot, continue reading our article.

How to take a screenshot of Samsung A9?

Method 1

1- Set the screen you want to capture the screenshot.

Press the Volume Down button and Power button.

3- Press and hold until you hear the shutter sound or the phone vibrates. You can leave the buttons when you hear one of these sounds or the screen goes dark and comes back as before.

4- You can find the image you took on the Gallery and Screenshots tab.

How to Take a Samsung A9 Screenshot?

Method 2

Samsung A9 has unique features such as screenshot taking, palm swipe gestures. To enable palm swipe:

Go to Settings, then “Advanced Features” tab. Enable the option “Swipe with the Edge of Your Hand to Capture the Screen”. After this process, you can proceed to the following steps.

1- Set the screen you want to capture the screenshot.

2- Move your hand from left to right or vice versa with the palm facing the screen.

3- Be sure to capture the screenshot.

4- You can find the screenshot you captured in your gallery application.

Method 3

Under this title, we will suggest you a third-party application where you can take screenshots of Samsung A9 and take screenshots of Samsung A9: Screenshot Easy. First, download this application from PlayStore. With this application, you can take screenshots and take screen video. After the application is installed, run it and take the desired action.

NOTE: Download from PlayStore for security reasons. Do not rely on applications created on different devices with apk or similar methods.


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