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How To Take Clear Photos Under Any Conditions? Here’s What To Know!

Unless the person, landscape, event, or object is photographed, the other features of the resulting photo don’t matter much. Huawei has made clarity and focus no longer a problem for mobile device photography in humanity’s 200-year-long photography adventure, always pursuing clearer, more understandable, meaningful photos. However, it was not easy for the technology to reach this point.

Contrast detection autofocus (CDAF)

An image is created in real time via the sensor and the maximum contrast point of the detected image is transferred to the Image Signal Processor (ISP) to determine the focus. CDAF is relatively slow, as the lens needs to adjust the focus repeatedly. It is also more sensitive in changing lighting situations, especially in low light conditions.

Phase detection autofocus (PDAF)

Some color-sensing pixels on the main sensor are replaced with focus pixels to support PDAF. By controlling the movement of the Lens to achieve autofocus, the phase difference is eliminated. PDAF’s features include improved focusing speed and precision without requiring frequent lens movement. However, there are a limited number of focus pixels, and not all pixels can be focused.

Auto focus with full pixel dual phase detection

Sensors that support dual PDAF use color-sensing pixels created with two photodiodes, allowing each pixel to perform PDAF independently. When every pixel has a focus pixel, focus time greatly improves even when taking low-light or moving photos.

HUAWEI P40 Series introduces the world’s first Full Pixel Octa PD Auto Focus

The HUAWEI P40 Series has a 50MP HUAWEI Ultra Image Sensor that offers high resolution and high speed focus. Each pixel contains two photodiodes to support autofocus. By default, the camera mode combines four pixels into a 2.44 micrometer size super pixel, allowing each pixel to operate for the purpose of autofocus, with eight photodiodes providing much sharper focus:

  • Improves speed and accuracy in low light environments or focusing on small subjects.
  • Perfect tool to capture moving object suitable for street and sports photography.
  • Continuous focus tracking is achieved during video shooting.

The HUAWEI P40 includes a laser sensor in addition to supporting Full Pixel Octa PD AutoFocus. The HUAWEI P40 Pro and HUAWEI P40 Pro + come with a ToF camera that can clearly measure the distance to get an even clearer focus.

Autofocus (AF) is an essential part of camera performance. It can take clear and sharp photos only when the camera downloads focus quickly and accurately to the subject. But smartphones get higher resolution sensors, and the single pixel size has already broken existing technological boundaries. Today, many sensors no longer support Dual PDAF and cause impaired focus ability.

Full Pixel Octa PD AutoFocus

When designing the HUAWEI Ultra Vision Sensor for the HUAWEI P40 Series, Huawei considered three key factors, dynamic range, noise reduction, and focusing speed that could affect photo performance. Uses 2.44 micrometers in size to provide faster Full Pixel Octa PD Autofocus in demanding lighting environments such as dim light. In his review for the HUAWEI P40 Pro, DXOMARK writes:

“Huawei’s new dual-phase autofocus system in all pixels has done an outstanding job in our testing and has made the P40 Pro’s autofocus better than any other device we’ve tested so far. Performance in all conditions, from bright outdoor scenes to very low light. It was flawless and our testers didn’t find autofocus problems in real-life shots or in our lab tests.Automatic focus in the lab was very fast and consistently accurate in all lighting conditions.P40 Pro autofocus instantly for both short and long delays after removing the camera from focus and it was very reliably locked into focus. “


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