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Hugh Jackman’s wife addresses rumors about his sexuality

Hugh Jackman's wife speaks harsh about rumors about her sexuality

Deborra Lee-Furness, wife of Hugh Jackman, once again touched on the rumors about her husband’s sexuality. Rumors about Hugh Jackman, one of the most important actors of X-men movies, were brought to the agenda by users on social media. His wife made statements about the allegations of homosexuality.

Hugh Jackman’s better half, Deborra Lee-Furness, by and by tended to gossipy tidbits about her significant other’s sexuality. In a real to life meet that circulated Tuesday on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the 64-year-old entertainer said that the relentless bits of gossip regarding the “X-Men” star are “made up.”

“He’s been gay endless years,” Furness jokes, revealing to Australian joke artist Ahn Do about theory over the Oscar-designated star’s sexuality — which has been a newspaper fixation for quite a long time.

Also, the gossipy tidbits don’t remain just with her better half. “I was gay, as well,” she said. “You know when I did [the Australian 1988 film] “Disgrace”? I was gay. They were stunned when I got hitched.”

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“I trust individuals don’t accepting these magazines and understand it’s completely made up,” she said during a scene of the TV program, “Anh’s Brush With Fame.”

At the point when she was inquired as to whether the hypothesis was irritating, Furness basically answered, “It’s simply unacceptable. It resembles somebody saying to Elton John, ‘He’s straight.’ I’m certain he’d be pissed.”

Age difference between Hugh Jackman and his wife

At the point when she was inquired as to whether she ever became ill of individuals disclosing to her that she’s “fortunate to be hitched to Hugh,” Furness chuckled and reacted, “Individuals don’t understand it’s really discourteous to state that.”

In any case, she comprehended why something to that effect could occur, despite the fact that it’s off-base. “It’s Hollywood, and showbiz, and the brand of Hugh Jackman,” she said.

She was much more sensible when Jackman was picked as People’s Sexiest Man Alive in 2008.

“What did you let him know?” Ahn inquired.

“Take out the junk,” she giggled.” “Hello, provocative — your chance for the trash.”

Hugh jackman Some people shared their different opinions about the age difference between his wife and Deborra-lee Furness on their social media accounts. Especially after the claims of homosexuality about Hugh Jackman, big claims were made about the age difference.

Hugh Jackman is 51 years old and his wife “Deborra-lee Furness” is 64 years old. Deborra-lee Furness stated that she and her husband had a very happy family and that these absurd claims were futile.


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