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If you’re not married until the age of 25, you’re burned

Denmark has a very interesting tradition for celibacy. If you are 25 years old and you are not married yet, it is inevitable for your friends to tie you to a pole and find cinnamon on your birthday. Even more, if you’re still single when you’re 30, cinnamon is replaced by cinnamon. This 16th century tradition is thought to have been transferred from Danish spice traders who have not had the opportunity to marry while traveling around the continent.

If you think you see this garbage, you are wrong. These empty boxes are the 25th birthday gift given to single girls who are not yet married at the age of 25. At the age of 25, women are considered an “old box” if they are still single. The word meaning of Schachtelfest is “Box Festival”. The festival’s friends, who usually have a birthday, leave twenty-five or more boxes decorated with funny words in one’s garden.

France is one of the countries with very interesting traditions for singles. In France, 25th of every November is celebrated as the day of Sainte Catherine, the young patron saint of unmarried women. On this day, 25-year-old women wear green and yellow hats on their heads, expressing wisdom and faith. Some “Catherines” celebrate this special day in the hope of getting married soon, while others are very happy with their bachelors.

This tradition in Austria, called Zwangspoltern, applies to people who are 30 years old and over. In this tradition, your friends give you an outfit. You need to sell alcohol or sugar to foreigners with this outfit. With the money you collect from the sale, you have to buy drinks to your friends!

In Shanghai, China, mothers and fathers resort to an unusual method for their children they want to marry. Parents are preparing cards with photos of their children, age, height, weight information. Other parents who visit the park also choose among suitable suitors. An open-air marriage market for single-minded singles. .

On the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar, women write their phone numbers in oranges and throw them into the nearest river. In this tradition called Chap Goh Mei, single women think that the man of their dreams will find the orange and look for them. Men, on the other hand, open with boats and try to collect oranges. As a result, it is a little closer to finding the most suitable mate candidate who collects the most oranges.

It is believed that if you are single in Armenia, you should eat a piece of salty bread. This will force you to dream about your future partner. However, it does not You should do it on Sarkis Day. Also, salty bread must have been cooked by your grandmother or a middle-aged woman who happily married.

April 14 is celebrated as “Black Day” in South Korea. On this day, those who do not have a lover and are lonely celebrate today by eating a food called jjajangmyeon.


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