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In the US, the House of Representatives approved a new $ 3 trillion support package; the bill is expected to be installed in the Senate

The House of Representatives, controlled by the Democrats, approved the new economic support package of $ 3 trillion against the new type of Coronavirus (Covid-19). The bill, which passed the House of Representatives, is expected to be installed in the Senate, the upper assembly of the US legislature.

The 1815-page bill, aimed at reducing the economic effects of the Covid-19 outbreak, was adopted with the support of Democratic representatives, despite the opposing votes of all Republican representatives, except one. 199 delegates voted 208 “Yes” to the bill, which received 208 “Yes” votes.

“We have put our proposal on the table. We are open to negotiations,” said Nancy Pelosi, President of the House of Representatives, who advocated the bill prepared without consultation with the Republicans in the Congress.

Republicans, who agree that a new economic support package is necessary, argue that the Democrats’ bill was brought up very quickly and unplanned.

Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell commented, “We all think a new support package will be required, but I am not ready to say when this should happen.”

Can be worn in the Senate

In the news reflected in the American media, the opinion that the bill sent to the Senate under the control of the Republicans may not pass in this state.

In the package of the Democrats, billions of dollars are allocated for medical equipment and equipment, while new supports are given to the businesses that are damaged by the epidemic.

As in the previous package, this package also envisages direct support to individuals of $ 1200 each, and also extends the scope of unemployment insurance supports.

The package also includes supports in many different items, from student debts to rent and mortgage payments. Approximately 1 trillion dollars of the package is expected to be transferred to the provinces that make serious emergency spending due to the epidemic and are deprived of tax revenues.

At the end of March, the first economic support package of $ 2.2 trillion was approved and the supports included in the package were started to be distributed to the relevant people and institutions.

In April, a separate aid package of $ 484 billion, which was prepared for the support of small businesses and hospitals and passed through Congress, was launched.


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