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Investigation launched about famous YouTube phenomenon Jake Paul

An investigation was launched into the famous YouTuber Jake Paul, whose loot images appeared. The famous social media phenomenon “Jake Paul” got involved in theft during anti-racist acts within the United States.

Can the US make an arrest warrant for Jake Paul?

Participating in the damage and looting of a shopping center in Arizona, the famous Youtuber Jake Paul was charged by the Scottsdale Police Department. YouTuber will appear before the judge in July.

The famous Youtuber Jake Paul was accused by the Scottsdale Police Department after being involved in looting at US protests. The Scottsdale Police Department announced that they have hundreds of tips and videos that identify Jake Paul as a loot participant.


In addition, “The accusation was made after the police declared the protest illegal and continued the protests after the rebels left the area. Paul entered the shopping center illegally when other doors were closed.” Paul is charged with criminal infringement and loot, both of which are crimes.

Police spokesperson Ben Hoster said he was notified that Paul was going to appear in Arizona in July. Jake Paul, on the other hand, made a post on the charges, “Do not blame me but keep the focus on George Floyd and Black Lives Matter.”

Denied the charges despite the images

The resulting images revealed that YouTuber, with a 23-year-old 20 million follower, participated in the looting of the Scottsdale Fashion Square mall on May 30. Jake Paul denied his guilty by claiming that he did not participate in the plunder after the video was released. Jake Paul, who has 20.1 million followers on YouTube, said, “Neither me nor anyone in our group has ever been involved in looting or vandalism. We had a day doing our part to peacefully protest one of the scariest injustices that our country has ever seen.”

Jake Paul is a social media phenomenon that previously tried to come up with different movements. In particular, the stealing of the acts in the US caused an investigation against him. It was not understood why youtube phenomenon, which was already living a rich life, was looting.


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