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What Experts Say About “Laboratory Crash” in Corona Virus?

What Experts Say About “Laboratory Crash” in Corona Virus? Corona virus produced in the laboratory? In the USA, President Donald Trump administration officials announced that they are investigating the possibility that the Corona virus outbreak may have started as a result of an accident in the laboratory in Wuhan, China.

According to conspiracy theorists, Coronavirus was produced in the laboratory as a biological weapon to bring down China.

According to conspiracy theorists, Corona virus was produced in the laboratory as a biological weapon to bring down China. According to experts, all of these should be a nonsense, and documents and information of conspiracy producers should be revealed.
Conspiracy theories are brought to the agenda in some media platforms, especially in social media related to ‘New Corona virus’. According to the conspirators’ claims, the Corono virus, like the SARS and MERS viruses that had previously appeared in China, was produced in the laboratory to destroy China and Asian countries as part of biological warfare. However, professionals dealing with infectious diseases and viruses in Turkey, the opinion does not reflect the truth of these claims.


Professor of European Infectious Diseases Association. Dr. Önder Ergonal, “We hear the comments that there is a difference between the virus allegedly produced in the laboratory and the virus that occurs in any natural environment. There is no such difference. There is no such thing as the production of Corona virus in the laboratory. For such conspiracies in our country Urban legends are being revealed in every virus epidemic period. Those who gossip that the new Corono virus is a biological weapon should reveal their documents and information. “

The veil of secrets about the corona virus, called the ‘mysterious virus’, cannot be opened. In fact, the virus surprises us with its different aspects that emerge every day. Biologist Prof. Dr. Barbaros Çetin explained the little known aspects of the corona virus.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian, who previously claimed that the virus may have been produced by the US military, accused the US administration of trying to divert attention from the “wrong steps” it took in the fight against the epidemic. President Trump wants China to grant access to the lab in Wuhan.

The most emphasized theory about how the virus first transmitted to humans was that the virus, which passed from a bat to another animal, was first passed to humans in the animal market in Wuhan. However, some scientists have raised questions about this theory. A study published in the prestigious medical journal Lancet was instrumental in bringing these question marks to the agenda. According to the research, in the first cases of Corona virus detected in China in mid-November, no connection with the animal market in Wuhan was found.

Covid-19 attacks the immune system

New research shows that the corona virus that causes Covid-19 can attack human immune cells similar to HIV. The genes of the virus take it hostage by entering the immune cell, the T cell, and neutralize the human protective function. An important discovery is that the virus, unlike HIV, cannot replicate in T cells. So a T
When his cell dies, the virus will die with him.


Chinese Dr. Weiguo Zhao and his colleagues examined data from male patients aged 15 years and older with a laboratory-confirmed diagnosis of Covid-19 with semen samples from January 26 to February 16. SARS-CoV-2 was detected in the semen of 6 of 38 patients, four of which were in the acute phase of the infection and two showed improvement. That SARS-CoV-2 can be sexually transmitted
If proven, it may bring up the issue of urgently taking serious measures in this regard.


Norwegian scientists detected an interesting finding in the Covid-19-oxygen relationship. The SARS-CoV-2 virus causes silent Hypoxia / lack of oxygen in the blood by stealing oxygen. They argued that for now they do not quite know why, but they do have some hypotheses. Unlike many other respiratory diseases, Covid-19 was too much to start.
It can slowly starve the body for oxygen without causing shortness of breath.


Recently, the death of many children in some countries, especially in the United States and England, due to corona, a new toxic shock-like condition or symptoms similar to Kawasaki disease have come to the fore. Prof. Dr. Moshe Artidi put the last point. He stated that the symptoms in the severe cases of Covid-19 are more compatible with the picture of toxic shock, not with Kawasaki disease. The average age of these cases is 11, whereas Kawasaki disease is a disease seen under 5 years of age.

"Officials from the US Embassy who visited the lab reported that the measures were insufficient."

About two weeks later, the Washington Post published a report, this time based on diplomatic correspondence from the US State Department. Accordingly, officials from the US Embassy in China visited the laboratory in Wuhan in 2018, 2 years before the epidemic, and reported to the capital Washington DC that risky research was conducted on viruses in the laboratory, but the required level of security measures were not taken.

Lancet: "Animal market link was not found in the first cases in China"

VOA Turkish asked Richard Ebright, who is also known for his harsh criticism of the Trump administration, on the grounds that measures were taken late in the fight against the epidemic, and asked the scientific basis of the possibility of a laboratory accident. Ebright, who answered the questions in writing via e-mail, answered why this theory cannot be ignored by referring to the chronology of the researches published on the Corona virus.

Noting that the first cases seen in China have no connection with the animal market in Wuhan, Ebright said that epidemiological data indicate that the virus was transmitted to humans from a place other than the animal market.


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