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It turned out that Brad Pitt’s 27-year-old girlfriend was married to a 68-year-old businessman.

Did Brad Pitt know that his new girlfriend was married?

It turned out that the world-famous actor Brad Pitt’s new girlfriend, German model Nicole Poturalski, was married to a 68-year-old businessman. It is said that the two met at the restaurant of the German model’s wife in Berlin.

It was revealed that Brad Pitt, one of the Hollywood actors, had married another man before his new girlfriend. The young model allegedly had relationships with many older men. However, Brad had stated that he loved his new girlfriend very much.

The news that Brad Pitt had a love affair with German model Nicole Poturalski, who was shown at Le Castellet Airport in France, fell like a bomb on the agenda of the magazine. Another information has emerged about the young model that the media has been following closely in recent days.

According to the Daily Mail’s report; Poturalski and Pitt first met in August 2019. The world-famous actor went to a famous restaurant in Berlin, Germany, where he was due to filming. Pitt first met Nicole Poturalski, the wife of the 68-year-old owner of the venue, Roland Mary.

A close friend of Nicole Poturalski told the Daily Mail, “Brad Pitt and Nicole met at the restaurant of Nicole’s husband, Roland, in August last year. Brad Pitt has been coming to that venue for years. When he goes to celebrate his new movie, Roland. and she knew Nicole was at the restaurant.

Brad met Roland’s wife, Nicole, and Nicole gave him his number. “Nicole travels a lot for her job as a model, and she connected with Brad Pitt while in Los Angeles for work.”

Stating that Nicole is still married to Roland and they have a son named Emil at the age of 7, the source said, “Roland is a very philosophical man. He has married several times and has 5 children. He is not interested in negativity or jealousy. They are still married but their relationship is ‘open marriage’. you can qualify “he said.


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