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Jeremy Wisten, sent from the team by Manchester City, commits suicide

Jeremy Wisten, with whom Manchester City terminated the contract, committed suicide

17-year-old Jeremy Wisten, who played football at Manchester City Academy and was sent from the team, ended his life by committing suicide after his depression.

17-year-old Jeremy Wisten, who played for Manchester City Academy for a period of his career, tragically ended his life. The young footballer had a difficult time psychologically after being sent from the English football team. The young talent committed suicide after what happened to him.

“As the Manchester City family, we are deeply saddened to learn about the death of our former academy player Jeremy Wisten. We offer our condolences to his family and friends. Our prayers are with you in such a difficult process,” the British representative said in a statement.

Jeremy Wisten cause of suicide:

There is no official statement from his family about the reason for Jeremy Wisten’s suicide yet, but it is alleged that the young footballer was depressed after being sent from Manchester City Academy.

According to the allegations that have not yet been confirmed by his family; The young football player, sent by the English team from the team, could not get out of the depression he entered after this decision and took his life.

Condolences to the player's family on the official Twitter account of the English club

17-year-old Jeremy Wisten, who played at Manchester City Academy, fell into depression and ended his life after the club parted ways with him.

“The Manchester City family is very upset over the death of former academy player Jeremy Wisten. We offer our condolences to friends and family. We are by your side in this difficult time,” the British club expresses condolences to the player’s family on their official twitter account. used the expressions.


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