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Joker appeared in anti-racist demonstrations

Batman and the Joker began taking part in anti-racist demonstrations in the United States. They attracted a lot of attention, especially with their involvement in the protests.

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Many different comic book heroes started to appear in the US protests. Especially many protesters started looting everywhere with the masks of a killer comic hero, like the joker. The US Police is preparing to pay the price of racism.

Many demonstrators stepping around the white house are trying to give eye to Donald Trump and his crew. Especially a military intervention in front of the police is in front of the president. On the other hand, many demonstrators started arming. Coronavirus danger is still one of the biggest threats in the USA.

Police violence and anti-racist actions have crossed US borders. Amnesty International called for American police to stop disproportionate violence, and protests were held in Berlin and London.

The anger of the masses protesting the killing of George Floyd by a police in the United States (USA) does not stop. While tens of thousands of people were marching for “justice for Floyd,” the protests quickly turned into action to react to police violence and racism, particularly targeting black Americans.

“We have no more tolerance. The cops are out of control,” a demonstrator told the Associated Press in Washington, where police and activists faced in front of the White House.

“Mistakes are not a mistake, but repeatedly brutal terrorist attacks and people must stop killing blacks,” said another activist who attended demonstrations in Brooklyn.

European support for actions in the USA

The international community also follows the events in the USA with anxiety. Amnesty International criticized the attitude of the police, who intervened violently with the protesters, was disproportionate. The organization’s US Research Director, Rachel Ward, urged officials to protect their right to peaceful action, stressing that the excessive and unnecessary violence inflicted by the security forces should end immediately.

Ward said that the American police abused his duty across the country, raised the tension even more, and endangered the life of the activists.

Inviting the government to focus on the real causes of actions in the American states and cities, Ward stressed that measures should be taken as soon as possible to prevent illegal killing of people, especially black people.

The organization also urged US President Donal Trump to set up a commission to address racial discrimination in the US, as well as address the main causes of the actions.

Ward said that President Trump should also put an end to his rhetoric and policy based on violence and discrimination.

Solidarity actions in Berlin and London

Support for demonstrators in the USA is coming from different parts of the world. More than 2,000 people gathered in Berlin on Saturday evening held a protest march to protest racism and police violence in the country and show solidarity with the demonstrators.

The protesters gathered in front of the US Embassy in Berlin shouted “Justice for George Floyd”.

Thousands of people gathered on Sunday in London, the capital of England, to support American activists. Despite the government’s ban on gathering due to a pandemic, demonstrators gathered in Trafalgar Square “No justice, no peace!” He shouted slogans.


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