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Jupiter Retros begins

The Jupiter Retro movement will begin on May 14. It will continue its Retro movement until September 14th. Jupiter made the previous Retro movement in Capricorn between 17 May 2008 and 16 September 2008. Of course, since the positions of other planets are different, we cannot say that Jupiter will bring exactly the same themes in order to be stretching in the same sign. However, since Jupiter has an effect that explains and enlarges opportunities, in this process, many themes can describe similar themes related to our individual lives.

What will we be experiencing in this process with the Jupiter Retros? The consecutive Retros will show their influence in many areas related to our lives. Considering that it covers not only the houses where the planets are located but also the house areas that the planets manage, we can see that it will affect us a lot. Because Saturn is the rulers of Capricorn and Aquarius, Venus Libra and Taurus, Jupiter Sagittarius and Pisces. We will be affected by a spread that covers all these areas wherever these signs fall on our individual maps.

Opportunities and opportunities can stop in this process

With Jupiter’s going retro, the opportunities and possibilities we have had can stop in this process. There may be problems with the issues we have obtained in advantageous situations. Similar themes about what we experienced in Jupiter’s Retro in 2008 can repeat itself in this process. If we have abandoned the training process, they may want to go back and complete it. Since the retro people also describe an inward transition process, we can experience awareness and decision making in relation to the trainings we receive or intend to take during this period. If there is a test that we have postponed before, we may want to try our luck again. We can develop a new perspective, religiously or philosophically. We can receive a spiritual education that will bring us to our integrity in a spiritual sense, and we can enter a process on this path. We can go to a shrinkage in the home issues.

Aries zodiac signs and rising Aries

Dear Coaches, You will experience the Jupiter Retros on May 14 in your business and career life. So far, opportunities in your business and career life may stop for a while. If you are a rising self-employed coach, you may think that your customers are not as many as before with the Jupiter retros. For the abundance and abundance there cannot be maintained while Jupiter is in Retro state. At the same time, foreign, foreigners, close relatives of your spouse, legal matters and hospital-related matters may be your living spaces that will have their share in Jupiter’s backward movement in this process.

Taurus zodiac signs and rising Taurus

Dear Bulls, you will be living in Jupiter Retros abroad, foreigners or higher education. It may force you in this process on matters related to your payments or shared shares. You can also observe that the opportunities you have with regard to friends, the social environment and your projects have disappeared.

Gemini zodiac signs and towering twins

Dear Gemini, you will be living on issues related to Jupiter Retros on the 14th of May, with shared gains, partner’s earnings, and partner jobs. During the Retro process, which will also include spouse, partner and business areas, it will bring pause effects that you can clearly notice about your social and private relationship.

Cancer Zodiac Signs and Soaring Crab

Dear Crabs, You will be living the Jupiter Retros on May 14 in the field of bilateral relations. Naturally, you can stop the opportunities you have in matters related to relationships, partners and your spouse on the go. You are at a time when you need to pay attention to your health. You may witness that the work you are conducting is held or stopped. At the same time, some hesitations in the international arena may be visible in your life.

Leo signs and rising lion

Dear Lions, You will be living the Jupiter Retros on May 14 with your employees and your work areas. The opportunities you catch in these areas may lose their effect in this process. It is worth noting that the opportunities you enjoy regarding the activities you enjoy, your love life, your children and your earnings from your spouse will be in a hesitation in this process.

Virgo zodiac signs and ascendant Virgo

Dear Virgo, In the Jupiter Retros, a number of opportunities that you get about your children may stop for a while. Things may turn a bit reversed or may not progress while there are things going on in your love life. Of course, your home, home, parents and spouse and partners will also affect your spaces.

Libra zodiac signs and rising Libra

Dear Scales, during the Jupiter Retro process, some nice developments about home, kindergarten, family and your parents can pause in this process. Neighborhood, siblings, education, communication, can also make an impact on your work areas. In this process, it is useful to pay attention to your health.

Scorpio zodiac and rising Scorpio

Dear Scorpions, You will be living the Jupiter Retros on May 14 in education and siblings. If you have any trainings, you may need to take a break for a while. Your brothers may lose some of their opportunities in this process. Of course, they will have an impact on these situations in their financial difficulties. It will also be one of the areas that will activate an inward process, as it will remain under the influence of Jupiter in this time period in your children or love life.

Sagittarius signs and rising Sagittarius

Dear Springs, the Jupiter Retro wins on May 14 will begin to go back at your home. Therefore, the opportunities you have obtained regarding your monetary gains may stop in this process. You will be individually affected by the regression process. You may notice that your possibilities have stopped. At the same time, matters related to your home, kindergarten, family and parents will be linked to monetary issues and will show their effect.

Capricorn zodiac signs

Dear Capricorns, you will be living the Jupiter Retros on May 14 in your own sign. The individual subjects, where you get luck and opportunities, can stand on the way to Jupiter Retro. Whatever is going on in the background, hospitals, brothers and your education will also have an impact on this process.

Aquarius horoscopes and rising Aquarius

Dear Aquarius, You will be living in the Jupiter Retros on May 14 in hospitals, indoor areas, jobs you run in the background. If there are opportunities or growths that you have caught in these areas, they may lose their effect in this process. You should take care of your health. Social environment is among your life areas that will be influenced by your friends, projects and financial resources, together with Retro.

Pisces and Rising Fish

Dear Fish, With the launch of the Jupiter Retro movement on May 14, you can witness some of the opportunities you have acquired regarding the social environment, projects, and organizations. While things are going well in these matters, things can go a bit reversed in this process. At the same time, you will be among the zodiac signs that are under significant effects both in terms of individual and health and career.

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